2023 Enterprise Network Transformation Report

Survey includes insights from over 200 senior IT Leaders

Aryaka released the 2023 Enterprise Network Transformation Report this week. The report provides insights and analysis from 230 C-level, VP, and Director-level IT leaders throughout the world and highlights the shifting priorities of network and security investment.

One of the overarching themes of the report is the rapid change overtaking network and security professionals because of a dynamic global environment. From post-COVID reorganization, to bank failures and interest rate increases, to the introduction of game-changing technology like AI, macro trends are having local impacts for IT leaders. Change breeds change, and the results from the 2023 survey are telling.

The report anchors on 5 key trends that are emerging as decision-makers shape strategy:

1. The economy is playing a significant role in enterprise investment

An uncertain economy is impacting network and security team investment, but not in the way you would think as CIOs, CISOs, and IT leaders want to double down on investment in the cloud.

Light Reading’s 2021 Leading Lights Award2. Remote work is here to stay
The rapid shift to cloud services and the complexity of a now hybrid workforce has changed how modern IT leaders view network and security, likely forever.

Light Reading’s 2021 Leading Lights Award3. Employees and customers expect applications to work … securely … all the time
Network and security leaders are no longer able to choose between investing in application performance or security, they need it all.

4. The provider landscape is turning-over at an increasingly fast pace
Network as a Service, the continued decline of MPLS, and a need to consolidate a sprawling vendor stack is forcing legacy telcos to lose their longtime stranglehold on the enterprise network.

Light Reading’s 2021 Leading Lights Award5. In-house IT teams are relying more on managed and as-a-service providers to win
Network-as-a-Service is not only emerging, it is exploding on the scene as one of the only viable solutions for IT leaders to solve the growing complexity of an anytime, anywhere world.

While there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the world, the report illustrates how networking infrastructure and services will be crucial to business success. The network connects everything, from branch offices connecting to enterprise applications to AI in the cloud.

You can find the full report here.

About the author

Sean Kaine
Sean researches and writes about networking and cybersecurity services and trends for Aryaka. With more than 15 years’ experience leading product and marketing teams for b2b enterprises, Sean brings a diverse background across networking and security services. Prior to joining Aryaka, Sean led teams at Motorola Solutions, Neustar, Network Solutions, and Verisign. He lives in northern Virginia with his wife, two sons, and overly anxious pug, Gus.