Aryaka Announces Strategic Partnership with Carnegie Mellon’s Security and Privacy Institute, CyLab, As Well As Joining as a Founding Sponsor of the Future Enterprise Security Initiative


We’re excited to announce that Aryaka has signed on to become a strategic partner of CyLab, Carnegie Mellon University’s security and privacy institute, and as a founding sponsor of the Future Enterprise Security Initiative. As part of this, Aryaka will participate in advanced research on threat mitigation and the development of innovative solutions for enterprise networking and security to help enterprises protect against cyberattacks.

Founded in 2003, CyLab is Carnegie Mellon University’s public/private collaborative computer security and privacy research institute. With more than 100 core and affiliated faculty and 100 graduate students, it is one of the largest cyber security research centers in the United States. Aryaka’s partnership with CyLab will consist of providing funding and industry expertise to assist research and innovate sophisticated security techniques to address today’s most pressing threat issues, and will connect the company with students, academics, and other key industry partners to make security more accessible and understandable to end users.

As Renuka Nadkarni, chief product offer at Aryaka describes, “Aryaka shares the future of enterprise security vision of CyLab.  Together we will develop and innovate security techniques to defend against emerging and immediate risks and democratize it via open source to small and large enterprises. With acute skills shortage in cybersecurity, most enterprises are faced with tremendous pressure and risk—when strong tools are available to everyone, we’re all more protected.”

As a founding sponsor of this initiative, Aryaka will provide support at multiple levels in the program. This ranges from guiding the research topics based on the newest challenges and threats our customers are encountering, provide industry expertise, data sets for learning and building AI models, feedback on efficacy of various techniques as well as practical experience to the students via mentorship and internships.

Aryaka was also attracted to a CyLab partnership because of CMU’s leadership in artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as its breadth of disciplines like humanities, psychology, and policy which enables its researchers to look at problems not just from the technology point of view, but holistically as a bigger problem to address attacker motivations and intent.

The company’s belief in rethinking security also aligns with sponsorship of the Future Enterprise Security Initiative (FutureEnterprise@CyLab), which has a mission of rethinking security across enterprise ecosystems through innovations in artificial intelligence, computer science, engineering, and human factors research.   Aryaka shares with CMU a shared vision of democratizing sophisticated security techniques and making security controls easy to configure and manage by integrating them.

Over the coming months, you’ll hear more about our exciting partnership with CMU, so stay tuned!

About the author

David Ginsburg
Dave is currently VP of Product and Solutions Marketing at Aryaka, bringing to the company over 25 years of experience spanning corporate and product marketing, product management, digital marketing, and marketing automation. Previous marketing leadership roles included Cavirin, Teridion, Pluribus, Extreme, Riverstone Networks, Nortel and Cisco. His expertise spans networking, cloud deployments, and SaaS. Dave lives in Los Gatos with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs.