Turbo Charge your Wasabi storage with Aryaka!
Cool savings with hot cloud storage.

Turbo Charge your Wasabi storage

Recently, I was part of a conversation where one of my colleague’s laptop had crashed and he was expressing his frustration at having to spend a lot of time and effort in finding his data after having ignored IT’s good advice of regularly backing up data. I realized that it could have very well have happened to me or to anyone for that matter. Another colleague of ours was rubbing salt into his wounds by proclaiming why he will never find himself in that predicament as he backs up his Macbook Pro onto a Box folder daily and is never worried about losing any of his data!

Companies such as Box, Dropbox and others have struck gold exploiting this precise sentiment and disrupting the storage industry as they offer a cloud storage solution that is easy to use and hard to move away from. Talk about stickiness!

Every year Aryaka publishes its annual State of the WAN report and 2021 is no different. We have several interesting findings from the latest report that point to an ever-increasing trend of Enterprise applications moving to the cloud. SaaS adoption continues to gain steam, with those reporting use of over 20 distinct applications growing from 14% in 2019 to 24% in 2020 and now to 33% in 2021.  You can download the entire report here.

Aryaka recently forged a technology alliance partnership with one of the leading cloud storage disruptors – Wasabi. You can read more about our partnership here.

One might wonder why Wasabi. Here are some tell-tale facts that provide the logic behind it.

  • Cloud storage is a growing trend.
  • Wasabi is experiencing hyper-growth as they are 1/5th the cost of AWS S3.
  • Wasabi is consumed as SaaS. Use cases include backup and archival, content development and surveillance.

And Aryaka offers a superior network transport option for Wasabi customers that are dissatisfied with time taken for data transfers. Data transfer speeds are 4-6 times faster over Aryaka compared to Internet.

Proof of Concept Test Results

File Transfer Speed for Wasabi
Note: Test results from 200MB file transfer between Dallas and Wasabi Cloud storage service in US-East.

And the real icing on the cake is that the combined cost of Aryaka+Wasabi is still half that of AWS S3 due to data egress charges by AWS. Egress data is free over Wasabi.

Aryaka + Wasabi: Better Together

Aryaka + Wasabi: Better Together

So, if you are an IT professional at an Enterprise and when your CFO wants to know why your AWS S3 spend is so large, there is a superior and cost-effective solution that is just waiting to be discovered.

Wasabi + Aryaka is just that – 5 times the performance at half the cost! It has a nice ring to it – like the Geico commercial!

We also have a common distribution partner in Climb Channel Solutions and they can be reached for the joint solution.

And they have a blog about us.

Go ahead and give us a try. If you are interested to see our solution in action, book a demo here and mention Wasabi cloud storage in the comments section.

Additional Resources

Solution Brief: https://www.aryaka.com/solution-brief/wasabi-cloud-storage/


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Natraj lyer is VP of Product Management at Aryaka Networks. He leads Aryaka's SASE product portfolio for connecting and securing enterprise sites, mobile users to private & public cloud infrastructure on a global scale.