As we closed out the last quarter, the figures speak volumes: not only have we ended strong, but the next quarter is shaping up to be another great one. This upward trend is undeniably a reflection of the unwavering dedication and consistent value from our partner community.

I have some exciting news to share, we’ve recently secured a remarkable $285k MRR deal with a global airline. This is monumental for us, and I’m eagerly anticipating sharing the full PR and accompanying case studies with all of you very soon.

The energy at Avant Special Forces last week was undeniable, and that’s just the start. Up next, the Aryaka team’s got a loaded October with events like the Bridgepointe Tech Summit, Intelisys Channel Connect, and a few other TSD partner events. These gatherings are more than just dates on a calendar; they’re our chance to connect, collaborate, and map out the next steps. And hey, we’re heading to Germany later this month to catch up with some of our partners in that market. If you’re in or around Hamburg, let’s link up. My team and I are keen to sync up with you there!

Recently, I earned a spot on the 2023 Channel Futures DE&I 101 List. While I’m honored, this goes beyond just personal recognition. It underscores Aryaka’s dedication to championing an inclusive workspace that values diverse viewpoints. For our partner community, this signals our unwavering commitment as a progressive industry leader that prioritizes inclusion at its core.

In light of all these developments and milestones, I’d like to take a moment to extend my gratitude to each and every one of our partners. Here’s to achieving greater heights together!

Aryaka Win Wire – Spotlight on Bridgepointe

Our latest episode of the Aryaka Accelerate Win Wire showcases a monumental win with Tony Lenci from Bridgepointe Technologies. This success underscores the power of our combined efforts and dedication.

Watch the video and dive into the details to learn how you can position Aryaka for similar opportunities.

This customer is a leading global Fin-Tech company with 5,000 employees across 10 locations and an astounding annual revenue of $17.53 billion.

Austin Joins the Team & Meet James

Austin Katz Joins the Force: Let’s extend a warm welcome to Austin Katz, our new Channel Manager, East. As the Aryaka Channel Team expands, Austin is all set to empower our partners in the East with the necessary resources.

Meet James Weber: If you missed it, we recently introduced James, our Central Region Channel Manager, on our #WhyAryakaWednesday segment. Dive into this short video and learn more about what James brings to the table.

Aryaka Americas Partner Webinar – A Deep Dive into the Future

Save the date October 26th at 10 am Pacific on your calendar for the latest Aryaka Americas Partner Webinar.

  • AI in the Spotlight: Understand the transformative impact of AI on the channel community and its potential to redefine our strategies.
  • MyAryaka Enhancements: We’re thrilled to introduce improvements to MyAryaka, crafted to optimize your user experience.
  • Why Attend? Beyond the actionable insights and robust discussions, there’s a chance to win a $250 Gift Card!

Dreamers & Doers Spotlight with Janet Schijns

Tune in to our episode of the “Dreamers & Doers” podcast, where we’re thrilled to host Janet Schijns, the dynamic CEO and co-founder of JS Group. Dive deep as we explore channel trends, shifts, and impacts, and discuss how adopting a Channel-first strategy can be the game-changer for businesses.

New Aryaka Assets Available

Aryaka has updated and released new assets including:

Manufacaturing Case Study

Forrester TEI Report

Srini CTO blog


Aryaka is Coming to a City Near You
The Aryaka Channel Team is rolling out to a few key events in different global markets in the new year.

Bridgepointe Tech Summit, Palm Springs, CA from 10/9/23

Intelisys Channel Connect, Orlando, FL from 10/16/23 – 10/19/23

Deal Registration Policy Update

Please take a minute to review Aryaka’s Deal Registration Process by clicking here. It is imperative that you register all Aryaka opportunities at inception via the partner portal.