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60 billion dollars. That is how much enterprises spend (waste?) on network operations. In a study McKinsey conducted in 2017, it was concluded that a lot of that cost is caused by many time-intensive, manual tasks involved in networking operations: configuration, trouble-shooting, link procurement and many more. Let’s also remind ourselves that in computing, none too long ago, the same pattern existed as enterprises planned, configured and maintained their very own server farms. What changed it all in computing? The appearance of X-as-a-Service delivery models – it allowed companies to focus on the IT aspect of computing that is most relevant to the business (application delivery) and to stop constructing server farms.

Aryaka pioneers the SD-WAN-as-a-Service model, enabling enterprises to focus on the business-relevant elements of networking (providing an agile, global, secure communications infrastructure) and to stop being distracted by manual configuration and trouble-shooting of the multitude that appliances that characterize the average enterprises’ communication infrastructure. And now, Aryaka can also simplify the task of procuring, monitoring and managing last mile connectivity.

Last Mile Procurement and Management

Last Mile Procurement and Management

Monitoring and managing the last mile has always been integral to the Aryaka solution: through the MyAryaka portal, customers can always gain end-to-end visibility into the performance of every element and every application in their network, ranging from the SmartCONNECTcore network connectivity service to the status and performance of the last mile.

As Aryaka has gained experience with the performance of hundreds of service providers providing last mile connectivity as an onramp to the Aryaka Core Network, it makes perfect sense to offer Last Mile procurement services. It addresses a key pain point for many enterprises as they transform their WANs:

  • Why waste so much time exploring, negotiating and managing connectivity to hundreds or even thousands of global branches?
  • How can enterprises establish which service provider offers the best possible connectivity in a certain location other than through extensive site-by-site research?
  • Why not simply leverage Aryaka’s expertise and experience when it comes to last mile internet connectivity?

Aryaka has helped over 800 enterprise customers to accelerate their WAN transformation and reap the benefits. A good example is Makino (read the case study).

In addition to procurement, Aryaka also offers last mile monitoring and management, optimizing the ongoing performance of last mile internet links. Last mile monitoring includes Aryaka’s patented SmartLINK technology, which constantly measures link performance and implements a variety of technologies to optimize link performance. SmartLINK immediately detects link degradation and overcomes it by providing performance routing over a preferred link (where link redundancy has been implemented), packet duplication and/or load sharing, among other options. As previously mentioned, complete end-to-end visibility into every aspect of the network -ranging all the way from physical connectivity through the global core network up to application and cloud performance- is at the core of the Aryaka network service, eliminating the siloed underlay-overlay visibility that continues to plague most SD-WAN solutions.

Network and Application visibility portal
MyAryaka: SmartLINK health view

In a nutshell: Aryaka has been pioneering the as-a-Service model for networking for nearly 10 years, allowing its customers to enjoy the same benefits for their network infrastructure that they have experienced by adopting XaaS for computing, too. No manual configuration, true intent-based networking – and now, Last Mile procurement and management.

Read more on Aryaka’s Last Mile procurement services here.

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