Aryaka recognized in Vertical Systems Group’s Global Provider Carrier Managed SD-WAN Leaderboard

Aryaka recognized in Vertical Systems Group’s Global Provider Carrier Managed SD-WAN Leaderboard

Even when you know you’re going strong, innovating and growing fast – it’s great to get external validation. And we get a lot of it: happy customers that propel us to the top of Gartner’s Peer Reviews – really, that’s great feedback. New customer logos . And today the Vertical Systems Group recognized us in their Global Provider Carrier Managed SD-WAN leader board. This places Aryaka in the company of eighteen of the largest telcos and MSPs across the globe, which is a testament to the company’s diverse customer base.

At this point in time, most companies would drone on about validation and platitudes that entitled them to be there and “I told you so” stuff. Our culture is different though. Having been here in Aryaka for well over 2 years (although it honestly sometimes feels longer :-D), I can tell you we’re always looking ahead and never stop. Like Notorious BIG famously rapped: “.. it’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see ..”

What I mean is that in Aryaka, I am always motivated by a culture committed to constant improvement. And that is most definitely not a platitude. It gets a bit intense and even exhausting at times. You may sometimes think “good heavens people, we just cranked out 3 new features and scored yet another large customer, can’t we chill even for a little bit?”. But the team won’t let you. To quote Notorious BIG one more time: “.. 10 years from now we’ll still be on top .. I told you that we won’t stop .. with a team much stronger than yours ..”. The industry accolades are great, our internal drive to make our customers happier, to innovate and offer them new solutions that make them more successful… that’s what we do. For yours truly as the author of this blog, it means a lot of planning to launch new solutions that propel our customers’ digital journey further, and to make their day to day operations easier and more agile. We are on that journey together, our customers and us.

Because it is a journey: I remember when the SD-WAN market started. Do you? It was all about lowering MPLS cost by leveraging internet connectivity. Simple, but appealing: “You are paying $700 per site with MPLS – we allow you to do this over a $90 Internet connection.” And that clearly worked, at first. Then the message for SD-WAN evolved. It became about a more flexible topology better suited to support the needs of cloud applications as enterprises’ architectures embraced cloud-centric design patterns. MPLS is connection-oriented, so fundamentally unsuitable to accommodate the multi-faceted policy-based routing requirements of the cloud era. So we went from cost-saving to being more relevant to enterprise architecture and cloud transformation. Then, as you open yourself up to DIA (direct internet access) at pretty much every edge point in your enterprise architecture, you realize your branch-centric, NGFW-based approach to secure the enterprise isn’t quite cutting it. And did that ever get more amplified during the pandemic challenge and the need to secure the hybrid workplace.

In a movie, this would be a “montage”, where a lot of stuff happens in just two minutes with inspiring music as you ready yourself for the ultimate challenge. You run up the steps to the Philly Museum of Art, saw logs in the Siberian winter and you are now ready for the fight of your life.

With SASE, which represents the further evolution of SD-WAN, the fight is to include security as part of your SD-WAN stack. And to do that in a way to abstracts the inherent complexity of the multitudeof functions included in SASE.

I will not go into SASE implementation details. I intend to write a blog series in which we can discuss and demistify several of the many acronyms in the SASE letter soup. Most of them anchored in cloud security solutions. I’ll write them in order to abstract the concepts, because that is the Aryaka way: we make stuff easy to understand, to consume, to optimize and to visualize.

What I want you to know is that his new award by Virtual Systems Group doesn’t make us, even for a second, stop our innovation journey nor out total commitment to up up the ante when it comes to customer satisfaction. Other companies sometimes struggle with scaling the fundamental premises of their success. We at Aryaka don’t: We have the technology platform to seamlessly scale while 100% maintaining our core value premise of superior application performance over our global layer 2 infrastructure. We also continuously improve on industry concepts like Hybrid WAN that allow our customers to improve cost structures – and we will double down on that in innovative ways.

To quote Notorious BIG one last time “.. Me lose my touch? Never that! ..”. Even when we get industry validation, we will keep innovating in ways that allow our customers to improve on business agility, avoid costly outages, dramatically simplify network operations, easily improve application performance and simply focus on delivering strategic business results for their business rather than tinkering around with implementation details or trouble-shooting 70% of their time – as they do with traditional solutions.

We very much thank he Vertical Systems Group for their recognition in this year’s Global Provider Carrier Managed SDWAN Leaderboard. But “.. Yo, I thought I told you that we won’t stop ..” (sorry the song is in my head now :-D) – we keep charging forward to delight our customers.

Read the press release [ Aryaka Recognized in First Global Provider Carrier Managed SD-WAN LEADERBOARD by Vertical Systems Group ]

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Paul Liesenberg
Paul is a Director in Aryaka’s Product Solutions Team. Paul has over 20 years of experience in product marketing, product management, sales engineering, business development and software engineering in Cisco, LiveAction, Bivio Networks and StrataCom. Paul enjoys scuba diving, motorcycles, open software projects and oil painting.