Requirements for a New Enterprise WAN

A few weeks ago, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners invested in series D funding of Aryaka’s global SD-WAN. The investment arm of the major telecommunications company made a historic decision to look toward the future of enterprise networking by participating in the funding.

The reason?

MPLS “has reached its peak” as Jack Young, Partner at Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners shared. “The reason for that is not necessarily the limitation of its technology, but how the network infrastructure has evolved.”


And it’s true: MPLS was a great technology for its time. Consistent, reliable, and secure, MPLS did what we needed it to do: Transfer data quickly from the data center to the headquarters and branch offices.

But that’s simply not how data moves anymore. Instead of straight pipelines from data center to global offices, we access our data from the cloud, over the internet, and on the go. Remote, global locations are hard to reach with MPLS as enterprises expand and scale, and more and more enterprises approach applications with a cloud-first mindset.

Andre Kindness, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, concurs that the shift to the cloud has made MPLS an outdated technology: “[Businesses] could turn back to MPLS but the reality is, they may not have that option to a SaaS provider, software as a service, storage as a service provider itself.”


Last year, Greylock Partners even referenced this migration to the cloud in a study of the things that keeps CIOs up at night.

In that post, we outlined the “formula” for an ideal MPLS replacement:

  • “A global network with MPLS-grade quality to provide fast and reliable connectivity worldwide
  • Accelerated access to every SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS platform
  • WAN optimization layered on top of the network to increase application performance for end-users around the globe
  • SD-WAN functionality to reduce complexity and cost
  • Simple and quick deployment with on-demand scalability for faster project implementation”

There’s only one MPLS replacement that meets each of these requirements. Watch the video to see why.

As Jack Young concludes, “Deutsche Telekom, like any other telecommunications company in the world, realized the traffic shift to cloud. The partnerships and the investment in Aryaka is one of the first steps we are taking towards that direction. For enterprise customers looking for performance security, Aryaka is one of the best solutions out in the market.”

To experience the speed, security, and reliability for yourself, contact Aryaka for a proof of concept today.

About the author

Gary Sevounts
Gary Sevounts is the Chief Marketing Officer at Aryaka Networks, and is responsible for Aryaka’s global marketing efforts. He has extensive experience with software and SaaS products in the IT infrastructure and security space, as well as marketing and sales technology, having held marketing and product management leadership roles with a number of industry leaders.