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How to Choose an SD-WAN For Your Global Enterprise Application
If SD-WAN has not come up yet in conversation with your IT department, chances are it will in the new year. According to IDC, the SD-WAN market is expected to reach $1.19 billion by the end of[...]
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3 Secrets You Won’t Hear From MPLS Providers
There is an optimum solution for today’s cloud-fueled, mobile world, but MPLS providers aren’t interested in telling you what it is. Cassette tapes. Flip-phones. Fax Machines. And now, MPLS. Decades ago, MPLS was the gold standard in[...]
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Global Application Performance is within Reach: A Tale of Three Successful Enterprises
Today’s corporate networks look like a bowl of spaghetti. They’re made up of headquarters, branch offices, private datacenters, cloud platforms, SaaS apps, centrally hosted applications, multiple MPLS providers, and appliances. These constructs are complicated to say the[...]
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Why Not All Enterprise WANs Are Created Equal
Recently, we joined an episode of the Packet Pushers podcast (listen here), and it brought up an interesting discussion on the transition of the enterprise WAN from MPLS to software-defined WANs – and beyond. Why MPLS No[...]
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4 Insights on MPLS Alternatives CIOs Need to Know
What’s the best alternative to MPLS? Last week I co-hosted a webinar with Scott Raynovich, Principal Analyst at Futuriom Research, to answer this in full detail. It was great to be able to provide insights to a[...]
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MPLS is on Life Support: A Case for Pulling the Plug
For years we’ve been predicting and enabling the transition of enterprise networking away from legacy MPLS. With major telcos like AT&T, CenturyLink, Verizon, and others, partnering with SD-WAN vendors to offer their own version of the solution,[...]
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Dreamforce Day 1: Just Say NO to Slow
“It can take forever to work with Salesforce overseas,” explained Jim, a frustrated sales engineer who has to travel every other month to APAC, and meet with clients and prospects. “Every time I have to use SFDC[...]
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The Network Manager’s “Aha!” Moment
I see the look on their faces all the time, sitting across a conference table, chatting with the corporate IT team. As I explain what our Software-Defined Network Platform does for our customers, their faces change! There[...]
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