Survey Says: Hybrid Work Environments are Here to Stay and Aryaka Customers are Ready

Survey Says: Hybrid Work Environments are Here to Stay and Aryaka Customers are Ready

Aryaka customer Mark Baker, CTO of Pilot Freight Services, recently said that to be a successful IT leader you must, “Plan for the worst, hope for the best.” It’s a commonly held wisdom, especially in the networking and security world of IT, that has helped Aryaka customers like Pilot Freight Services address the technology challenges presented by the global pandemic. Pilot Freight Services was nimble in their transition to remote work because of all the critical work they had done prior by moving to a cloud-based architecture with Aryaka’s managed SD-WAN solution as the foundation. Though they dealt with other challenges, network performance was not one of them.

The results from our recent global customer survey conducted in partnership with third-party research firm TechValidate echoes this sentiment. When we asked our customers about the benefits of Aryaka throughout the global pandemic, 73% of respondents cited stable, reliable network performance for global remote users and 59% responded that it’s easy and quick to set up new sites (similarly, almost half cited flexible bandwidth).

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Most Aryaka customers, like many organizations globally, needed to quickly enable large remote workforces, essentially overnight in 2020. Aryaka’s fast, reliable network performance – no matter an end-user’s location, on-site or at-home – combined with the ability to spin up sites in a matter of hours and the flexibility to move bandwidth as needed, allowed our customers to provide their newly remote workforces with connectivity and little friction. Today, as many of our customers begin to adapt to new hybrid work models, the story still rings true: the flexibility and security of a managed SD-WAN is critical.

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In another customer example, World Fuel Services, a Fortune 500 energy company, had already launched their company-wide digital transformation initiative to transition to a cloud-based end-to-end architecture when the global pandemic hit. World Fuel Service’s primarily on-site organization became fully remote, but the company’s traditional VPN was slow and unreliable. After deploying Aryaka Private Access, latency decreased by 27.5% and remote workers noted the positive experience of having fast, uninterrupted connectivity at home. Though the company plans to eventually reopen offices, they anticipate embracing a hybrid work model going forward and recognizes Aryaka as a critical enabler to that vision.

Aryaka’s managed SD-WAN solution enables our customers to be flexible, adapt to the needs of the business and embrace the future of work.

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