Creating a Unparalleled UCaaS Experience with Fuze and Aryaka

Digital Transformation is Accelerating

Every industry is undergoing a rapid transformation of digital operation. And with more employees working from virtually anywhere, online meetings and communication tools facilitating collaboration have become essential. There are plenty of studies available that show the growth in usage and users’ expectations for communication and collaboration tools. Aryaka’s State of the WAN 2021 Infographic provides a good snapshot of the trends and plans of the 1350 surveyed enterprises across all verticals and regions. Almost a quarter said that poor voice or video quality is a top concern when it comes to communication.

Top WAN Issues

Fortunately, many of the Top WAN issues cited here can be addressed using a Managed SD-WAN and SASE as a service solution like Aryaka, and an enterprise-grade UCaaS solution for calling and meetings, like Fuze.

Fuze, a leader in the global cloud communications space, entered a partnership with Aryaka a year ago based on our global performance and ease of deployment.

Aryaka & Fuze – Delivering the Best Possible UCaaS Experience!

Aryaka service recognizes and marks UCaaS traffic, steers it optimally and dynamically across internet access links and through its layer 2 backbone, minimizing packet loss and latency, and delivering an optimized user experience. Fuze clients leverage Aryaka’s QoS-driven and resilient LinkAssure capabilities to connect to the closest Aryaka PoP. Traffic then traverses Aryaka’s SLA-driven backbone to the nearest Fuze peering point, bypassing the jitter, latency, and packet loss endemic to the public internet while also offering a highly available and integrated services offering to MPLS.

Aryaka POPs and Fuze peering points

The map above depicts initial Aryaka PoP to Fuze peering, to be expanded over time. The left of the diagram depicts a Fuze user in Boston connecting via the low-latency LinkAssure path to the Aryaka PoP in Newark. Traffic then traverses the Aryaka backbone to the Ashburn PoP, where it is then handed over to the Fuze servers in their Ashburn DC site over a short internet hop.

Customers that traverse over Aryaka backbone experience an improved call quality when compared to regular internet. This is due to several key features that Aryaka offers for UCaaS and UDP traffic such as a stable subscribed bandwidth provisioned middle mile and packet loss remediation (LinkAssure) in the last mile.

Call quality on Aryaka vs Internet
Source: Aryaka

Recently Aryaka and Fuze collaborated to have dedicated Layer-2 peering between Fuze Data Centers located in San Jose and Ashburn and their corresponding Aryaka POPs in those cities. This has resulted in a dramatic improvement in call quality as the first mile to Fuze servers experiences zero packet loss and almost no jitter.

Benefits of Direct Peering – Much Improved Call Quality!

Here’s a mutual customer’s call quality comparison before and after peering. The data presented here is a screenshot from Fuze’s call quality monitoring dashboard for this customer. Average MOS indicates the overall call quality score for all calls while Average MinMOS indicates the average for the calls that had the worst MOS scores. That is a key number to keep a close eye on.  As you can see before the dedicated peering , call quality over Aryaka is above average and way better than that over the internet.

Before Dedicated Peering with Aryaka

Call quality before dedicated peering
*Actual MOS scores multiplied by 100

After Dedicated Peering with Aryaka

The average MinMOS score not only improved (14%) after the dedicated peering but it surpassed the overall average prior to dedicated peering with Aryaka. And the overall average improved 5%.

Call quality after dedicated peering
*Actual MOS scores multiplied by 100.

The overall call quality improvement was felt across all calls. The average call quality of the calls experiencing the lowest MOS score went up by 14% after the dedicated peering.

Call quality comparison

The improvement can be directly attributed to the dedicated peering in the first mile. We are in the process of replicating this worldwide. This is a clear example of how two distinct technology companies can collaborate to improve the overall end-user experience for their mutual customers.

Aryaka is constantly looking to enhance the overall customer experience by developing new capabilities as well as forging technology partnerships with like-minded partners who are willing to collaborate. The Aryaka-Fuze partnership combines to deliver an unparalleled UCaaS experience for enterprise customers.

Experiencing the best quality of voice and video is paramount in the digital workplace and any vertical. I want to highlight just one with manufacturing as one of the key verticals that both Fuze and Aryaka are focused on, with Fuze for Manufacturing: Unlocking Modern Communications from the Frontline to the Factory Floor and Aryaka helping manufacturing companies overcoming IT challenges with a Cloud-First WAN.

If you are interested to see our solution in action, book a demo here and select UCaaS deployment

And if you wish to learn more about our collaboration, register for a joint webinar on May 19th, 2021.

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