Aryaka Networks – Delivering SD-WAN Globally

I had an opportunity last week to talk with the team at Aryaka networks, a cloud-based global Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) company that has seen growing success.

Variable Performance of SD-WAN Drives Its Transformation

Optimization, machine learning and artificial intelligence can pinpoint problems and improve SD-WAN efficiencies.

Aryaka Launches Clientless SD-WAN for Remote Workers

Aryaka is now offering clientless SD-WAN, which essentially has all of the same features as its primary service, SmartConnect.

Aryaka brings benefits of software defined to remote and mobile workers

Aryaka’s SmartACCESS SD-WAN product improves application performance for remote and mobile workers, providing a global private network, WAN optimization and IP app acceleration.

Aryaka Launches Clientless SD-WAN for Remote Access

Aryaka has launched a clientless SD-WAN delivering software-defined remote access by combining dynamic CDN and global SD-WAN technologies.

Aryaka rolls out remote access as a service on its private network

Aryaka introduced SmartACCESS, a software-defined remote access as a service for mobile and remote users designed to ease and speed VPN connections.

Aryaka Adds Mobile SD-WAN to Network

The software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) market is evolving quickly, with more than a dozen startups going after the need for better WAN and cloud connectivity. Aryaka, one of the leaders in the space — but one of the few with its own private network — continues to add features to its network-as-a-service (NAAS) model.


Traditionally, network architects have questioned the wisdom of using the internet for VoIP. While a private backbone provides the very best VoIP performance, the right SD-WAN with the right functionality allows the use of the internet to provide good performance of voice.

Report Finds Global WAN Traffic Increase of 200%

A global WAN traffic increase of 200% is driving companies to increase the speed of their connections, notes SD-WAN provider Aryaka in research based on…

Enterprises Are Running Cloud-Based Apps Nearly 50% Of The Time

46.3% of all enterprise WAN traffic is cloud-based, split between HTTPS (27.8%) and HTTP (18.5%). These and other findings from Aryaka’s State of the WAN Report, 2017 released this week quantify how quickly cloud adoption is accelerating in the enterprise.

How a logistics firm leverages SD-WAN for competitive advantage

Freight forwarding firm JAS Global has cut trimmed millions from its bandwidth costs using network software. Next, it intends to leverage the technology for a predictive analytics system.

State of the WAN: 50% of WAN traffic is in the cloud

Aryaka’s 2017 State of the WAN report shows the cloud era has arrived in a big way, making SD-WANs business-critical.

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