Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Most Innovative SD-WAN Service

With SD-WAN deployments launching at a breakneck pace in 2017, it’s no surprise there were quite a few submissions for the SD-WAN service category for the Leading Lights awards.

Cloud Provider RapidScale Offers Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN

The managed cloud provider RapidScale is offering Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN as a standalone managed service. In addition, RapidScale is making the Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN service available for resale through its network of independent agents.

Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Company of the Year (Private)

Private companies enjoy freedom to focus on customer satisfaction and long-term results, not driven by the cruel quarterly cycles of equities markets. This year we’re seeing a bumper crop of private companies delivering on innovation and service.

Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN Boosts Office 365 Application Response Times

Leading SD-WAN provider, Aryaka recently announced that its technology has helped the global learning company City & Guilds to achieve better application response times for Office 365. The result has been improved collaboration and productivity for users in Europe and the Asia-Pacific market.

Paysafe Finds Solace in Full Mesh Connectivity From Cato SD-WAN

U.K. based online payments company Paysafe switched its network over to Cato Networks software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) in order to more efficiently and effectively link its multiple offices.

City & Guilds Group deploys SD-WAN to improve Office 365 performance

There are many reasons to deploy a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), including saving a boatload of money, improving network agility, and increasing WAN resiliency. However, those all pale in comparison to the ROI that a business would see by making its employees more productive.

SD-WAN Over Global Private Networks

As SD-WAN entering mainstream network services, people often think it as an innovative solution riding over the public Internet, bidding farewell to the private networks like MPLS traverses on. In reality this is not always the case. A recent event on SD-WAN reminds us of a different approach SD-WAN can take on its services.

Aryaka-China Mobile Deal Clears SD-WAN Regulatory Path For Partners

SD-WAN power player Aryaka says it has notched a victory for the channel by forging a partnership with China Mobile International that alleviates the confusion surrounding new Chinese regulations that limit cross-border communications.

China Mobile International partners with Aryaka on SD-WAN enterprise solutions

China Mobile International has signed a strategic agreement with Aryaka to deliver the world’s first fully compliant global SD-WAN service for Chinese companies with a global presence, as well as international companies with locations in China.

Aryaka penetrates China’s SD-WAN market via China Mobile International pact

Aryaka has established a partnership with China Mobile International to deliver a global SD-WAN service, giving it entry into China’s burgeoning SD-WAN market.

Aryaka Tackles New China SD-WAN Regulations With Partner China Mobile

Aryaka has partnered with China Mobile to be the first fully compliant global SD-WAN service for Chinese and international companies.

What do ogres, onions and SD-WAN security have in common? Layers!

Aryaka launches Passport, a multi-layered security platform and ecosystem that provides best-of-breed security at every level of an SD-WAN.