Network as-a-Service

Overcome global enterprise connectivity challenges with Aryaka’s business-grade private network, delivered as a fully managed service that can be deployed in minutes.

Enterprises have always struggled to extend their corporate networks over long distances. Legacy solutions, such as MPLS, are too expensive, slow to deploy, and inflexible for today’s agile global enterprises.

Aryaka’s Network as-a-Service combines enterprise-grade, MPLS-like global private connectivity with proprietary TCP optimization and QoS. Utilizing a dedicated reliable core network based on globally distributed POPs and centralized WAN visibility, this service delivers predictable, high-performing network connections that you can deploy in minutes.

60% of knowledge workers are frustrated by slow Internet speeds – Deloitte


Private Core Global Network
Aryaka has built a dedicated reliable, low latency, private core network with built-in diversity and redundancy based on globally distributed POPs close to end user locations. POP locations are selected based on customer proximity, network and geographical diversity, and the location of peering points to best deliver predictable, reliable, and superior application performance.

Simpler, faster to deploy and manage
No softwares to maintain, no boxes to manage.

Optimized TCP performance
Multi-segment design for better performance across distance.

Support for industry standard QoS protects voice, video and real time traffic, ensuring predictable performance.

Security you can trust
Built-in redundancy with multiple layers of security in the physical, network, and data layers.

Network wide visibility
End-to-end WAN and application visibility for advanced traffic analysis through the MyAryakaTM web-based portal.

Quote Logo
“Our employees in Singapore and Monaco were having issues with video call quality and remote desktop application performance. The performance of the remote desktop protocol sessions was much better on Aryaka, and something we had never experienced before with our existing WAN optimization box solution.”
Lucas Foo, IT Manager
Improved video call quality over their IP virtual private networks (VPNs)
Substantially improved Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) performance
Up and running in minutes
Stable core latency between locations

Global Connectivity

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Network for Real Time Apps
Aryaka’s Network for Real-Time Applications delivers Quality of Service (QoS) markings on a private core network to customers so as to prioritize business-critical traffic, such as voice and video, over other data.