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Network as-a-Service

Today’s distributed enterprise struggles to keep up with challenges brought on by two trends: the rise of cloud computing and far-flung workers, who could be anywhere in the world. To provide reliable access to cloud resources and to help distributed workers stay productive, businesses must pay top dollar for private links to branch offices and overseas locations. The status quo solution, MPLS, is expensive. It’s even more expensive when it’s augmented with WAN Optimization hardware, which is needed to have high performance connections to the various links. Moreover, this patchwork solution is time-consuming to deploy, complicated to configure and expensive to manage and maintain.

Diagram of Aryaka’s Network as-a-Service technology

In contrast, Aryaka’s Network-as-a-Service™ combines enterprise-grade global connectivity with proprietary TCP optimization and QoS. Utilizing a dedicated reliable core network based on globally distributed POPs and centralized WAN visibility, this service delivers predictable, high-performing network connections without the high cost and long deployment time required by MPLS.

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Benefits of Aryaka’s Network as-a-Service:

  • Near you and your end users. More than 95% of the world’s enterprise business users are within 20 milliseconds from any of our POPS. Multi-segment TCP optimization technology minimizes the application performance impact of packet loss on both the first and last mile.

  • Service, not boxes. You subscribe for the bandwidth you need, when you need it, instead of building your WAN for future growth. We offer global on-demand capacity, so you can quickly add bandwidth at any location.

  • Connect in minutes. You can be up and running in minutes, not the days, weeks or even months it can take to deploy MPLS. You simply connect into the Aryaka network using an IPSec-capable edge device over your business-class Internet connection (or a direct L2 connection) to one or more of our nearest POPs.

  • QoS. Our network honors your Quality of Service (QoS) markings to prioritize business-critical applications by class (such as for real-time applications) over other data traveling across the network, guaranteeing performance levels. The ability to burst above your subscription with Network OnDemand provides even more capacity for peak loads without additional cost.

  • Security. We can connect an IPSec VPN directly into the Aryaka network at the closest POP for those cloud services that require secure private access. For us, this is as simple as setting up any other location on the private network.

  • Visibility. Our web-based MyAryaka™ portal delivers end-to-end network-wide visibility. With our service-based offering, we do all of the management for you, providing 24/7 support via Network Operations Centers (NOCs) located on opposite sides of the world.

“Our employees in Singapore and Monaco were having issues with video call quality and remote desktop application performance. The performance of the remote desktop protocol sessions was much better on Aryaka, and something we had never experienced before with our existing WAN Optimization box solution.”

- Lucas Foo, IT manager, Petredec