What AVANT has to say about WAN as-a-Service

Our friends at AVANT, the nation’s premier distributor of next generation technologies in communications and IT infrastructure, recently published a blog post that reveals the benefits of WAN delivered as a service.

They talk about how today’s global businesses are struggling to connect geographically disparate office locations. AVANT points out that the problem is because of the adoption of legacy WAN solutions (such as, MPLS, for example). Legacy WAN solutions (like MPLS) are complex, lack flexibility, are slow to deploy and exorbitantly priced. They also highlight the complexity involved in managing a global WAN due to the myriad of network components that are required for implementation.

We wholeheartedly agree with AVANT, in saying that the solution is: WAN delivered as a service (or cloud WAN or software-defined WAN).

With WAN as-a-Service, enterprises no longer need to dedicate massive in-house resources for maintaining and managing their network infrastructure. The model is also more cost-efficient as it eliminates the need to invest in private WAN connections or MPLS lines.

AVANT, a forward-thinking leader in the cloud space, believes that third party managed networking solutions are poised to be the way of the future for most businesses. WAN as-a-Service is a future-proof platform for growth that will enable customers to support the most complex applications in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Read more about what AVANT has to say about waving goodbye to connectivity barriers by visiting their blog!

– Aryaka Marketing

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