How an Agile Network Helps You Own the Globe

speedywan-cleanFor companies that rely on making real-time information available across globally distributed offices, agility can be a major concern.

1) They want to connect remote offices quickly, and
2) They want a fast, reliable network.

So, why is agility so important? The math is fairly simple: speed equals productivity. Taking months to connect an office in Asia to the US-based corporate HQ can really hamper productivity. And once connected, shaky network and application performance can drag down employees who must collaborate. With offices in San Jose, California, and Bangalore, India, Xactly faced this precise problem…

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A fast network is motivating
How would businesses love to describe their salespeople? Motivated. And motivation is what Xactly offers. Xactly’s products help companies design customized incentive schemes to maximize their sales force’s potential. For an organizational culture built on employee collaboration, there is no underestimating the importance of a speedy and reliable WAN.

IT challenges in India and beyond…
Xactly was relying on MPLS as the backbone for its global usage of remote desktop protocol (RDP). It wasn’t performing well. Xactly was suffering from network performance issues and faltering uptime between its offices in California and India. Application performance was poor, and overall end-user experience was frustrating. Worse yet, the sub-optimal use of WAN bandwidth resulted in massive MPLS bills. The company needed a more reliable, more affordable alternative to MPLS.

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Jumping onto a network for the cloud in less than a day
On the recommendation of one of Xactly’s IT providers in India, Xactly moved all of the traffic between its San Jose and Bangalore offices over to Aryaka’s network for the cloud. Aryaka’s global private network uses multi-segment TCP optimization, compression, and application acceleration proxies built into an optimized network platform. This solved the latency issues and offered higher throughput and up to 6 times faster application performance. What’s more, it was set up overnight, as compared to MPLS, which required 2 to 3 months to get deployed.

As Aryaka’s network and built-in optimization are delivered from the cloud, Xactly’s internal IT department no longer needed to manage the day-to-day operations of the network. As Director of IT Robert Genchi says, Aryaka’s network is “cheaper and better than traditional MPLS, with customer service that actually serves.”

Employees must be able to collaborate easily. Whether they’re in the next room or halfway across the world, even if they have excellent productivity apps and tools, it’s the network that allows these apps and tools to operate efficiently. Unfortunately, existing legacy solutions such as MPLS – slow both in deployment and network performance – make collaboration cumbersome.

Agile deployment. Faster performance.
Global expansion plans should never be held up by the time it takes to deploy a WAN. And once deployed, your global network must perform with speed and reliability. Aryaka helps global businesses like Xactly transform their WAN from a cost center to a powerful technology that can help achieve a competitive advantage and face a range of challenges from cloud computing to Big Data and the Internet of Things.

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About the author

Nilesh Surana is a Marketing Manager for Aryaka, a social media enthusiast and an ardent Manchester United fan.