We partnered with AVANT … Three Reasons You Should Too

At Aryaka, we’re disrupting the enterprise WAN market with our software-defined, ultra-optimized, multi-tenant private WAN as-a-Service. As a company that provides next-generation, cloud-based networks to global businesses, we are partnering with strategic, cloud-ready partners who understand the pain with legacy technologies, and what today’s agile corporations need.

AVANT’s technology portfolio is forward-thinking, and born in and built for the cloud. So, it’s no surprise that we partnered with AVANT, the premier North American distributor of next-generation technologies in communications and IT infrastructure.

AVANT leverages its massive sub-agent community of telecom sales and consulting professionals to push cutting-edge solutions to the marketplace. These solutions encompass everything from complex cloud design to WAN deployments.

Aryaka’s offering strengthens and adds value to AVANT’s portfolio by providing its partners and customers with the latest software-defined, cloud-delivered WAN solutions, in contrast with outdated technologies such as MPLS and WAN Optimization appliances. As a result, AVANT’s customers can now benefit from using Aryaka’s next-generation WAN (delivered as a service), and leverage their global enterprise network as a competitive advantage in today’s knowledge-based, cloud-enabled, global economy.

So, here’s a breakdown of why we partnered with AVANT.

Reason 1: AVANT is an industry-leading Master Agent in the cloud and WAN space, to many large and small enterprises. Thus, partnering with AVANT gives Aryaka instant access and additional credibility to multiple enterprise buyers through their partner network, enabling us to expand our market reach.

Reason 2: AVANT is laser focused on empowering its massive sub-agent community through updated, relevant, and innovative sales enablement tools and initiatives. AVANT’s salesforce is armed with critical industry information, “Vendor Battlecards”, product overviews, qualifying questions, and much more, through its proprietary sales enablement tool BattleBook®, and its Cloud Academy training program. Due to the global sales partner ecosystem that Aryaka and AVANT will jointly build, there will be mutual learning opportunities.

Reason 3: Partnering with AVANT gives us strategic business development opportunities. We now have access to premier suppliers and complementary service providers (within AVANT’s portfolio), who we can partner with, go to market with, and build a true end-to-end solution with, for every use case.

That’s why we chose AVANT. Curious to know what interested AVANT in gaining Aryaka as a partner? Find out by reading this blog.

About the author

Sean Dublin
Sean Dublin is the Director of Channel Sales at Aryaka Networks.