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Hate Your VPN?  <br/>How to Improve Application Performance for the Remote and Mobile Workforce
Hate Your VPN?
How to Improve Application Performance for the Remote and Mobile Workforce
Clunky, unreliable, and slow remote access options, like VPN, are the necessary evil that IT administrators love to hate. This vital piece of the corporate puzzle helps keep your information secure and your global remote and mobile[...]
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Key Considerations for Enterprise Connectivity
If you’ve been in IT for a while, you probably remember the days when your data and applications were housed in a data center that was close to the employees who used it. Those were the good[...]
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5 Ways to Build a Compelling Case for SD-WAN
A Nemertes Research Study reported how SD-WAN is a potential game-changer for wide area networking. SD-WAN has the potential to save enterprises millions in network costs, reduce bandwidth, increase business agility and lower support tickets. But, your[...]
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89% of Organizations Report Network Disruption: Here’s How to Stop It
In Silicon Valley, a disruption is a cause for celebration – to “disrupt” technology is to completely change the model for the way things get done and make the new way more efficient and effective than the[...]
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4 Spooky Reasons Why the Internet is Slowing Your Business Performance
From vampires and mummies to witches and zombies, Halloween can bring out some scary creatures, but nothing is scarier for an IT manager than slow and unreliable connectivity and application performance. Aryaka recently published the State of[...]
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Why You Need to Stop Buying MPLS Now
Every contract ends sometime, and it’s possible that one of your MPLS contracts is ending soon. Before you settle for spending another several months or years on a “good enough” legacy solution, consider phasing out your network[...]
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Is There a Tear in Your Network Fabric?
If the enterprise WAN is like a fabric, stitched together with hardware, software, and the human resources who maintain it, it’s possible that the advent of the cloud has created a large hole. Is there a tear[...]
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Top 5 Takeaways from Aryaka’s State of the WAN Report
Last month, we released our third annual State of the WAN report, detailing major trends in WAN traffic growth and application response times over the public Internet over the last year. The report returned several important findings[...]
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Is WAN Traffic Growth the New Moore’s Law?
Percentage Growth in Global WAN Traffic: 2015-2016 Moore’s Law has dominated thinking in Silicon Valley for more than fifty years. It suggests that computer processing power would double every two years. And while some technology analysts claim[...]
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