4 Spooky Reasons Why the Internet is Slowing Your Business Performance

4 Scary Findings About Internet from State of SD-WAN Connectivity Report

From vampires and mummies to witches and zombies, Halloween can bring out some scary creatures, but nothing is scarier for an IT manager than slow and unreliable connectivity and application performance.

Aryaka recently published the State of SD-WAN Connectivity report that compares SD-WAN deployments that are built on the Internet vs. a global private network. The report uncovered some pretty spooky facts about application response times and performance of cloud and SaaS applications over the public Internet.

Here are four scary findings that we uncovered in the report:

  1. The Internet is subject to high variation in application response time. We measured response times across the globe, and one scary case we saw was between Dubai and Dallas; it fluctuated between 750 milliseconds (ms) and 2 seconds on this link. With a variation of this magnitude, it can lead to a higher chance of choppy voice/video quality or the dreaded dropped conference call.
  2. The Internet over long distances is prone to poor application performance. Our data showed that it takes 4000ms for a 100KB file to travel from San Jose to Shanghai over the Internet. An application response time of this length could end up in loss of productivity or even user abandonment of mission-critical applications.
  3. Greater the distance between locations=slower the performance over the Internet. Application response times is slower by a factor of 13 when using the Internet compared to a private network. For organizations with global offices, it’s crucial that application performance doesn’t interfere with their productivity. But, that isn’t the case with the public internet.
  4. The maturity of infrastructure in certain geographic regions effect response times. America feels the effects of latency and larger degrees of variation when connecting to end users outside of the US and particularly in locations that normally exhibit higher variation and response times. We find that this affects the overall execution and speed of business-critical projects for an enterprise, especially as they expand globally.

While these findings sure are frightening, Aryaka’s global SD-WAN solution enables enterprises to access their cloud and SaaS applications and accelerate application performance for end-users around the globe. Aryaka’s global SD-WAN shrinks the perceived distance between locations and delivers LAN-like performance over the WAN.

Download Aryaka’s State of the SD-WAN Connectivity Report

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Shilpa Swamy
Shilpa Swamy is Product Marketing Manager at Aryaka Networks. She has a background in Product Management and has held various engineering roles in the telecom and networking industry.