Gartner SD-WAN Magic Quadrant: Aryaka Labelled as Visionary

Gartner released their 2016 Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization, and not only was Aryaka recognized as a Visionary in the space, we also had the greatest year-over-year improvement in the position.

See our progress below.

sd wan gartner magic quadrant

We are thrilled with our upward trajectory.

Gartner Magic Quadrant: Most Movement In WAN Optimization

Gartner’s prestigious recognition of Aryaka in its latest report is a testament to the exciting momentum and growth the company has experienced over the past four quarters.

  • As a WAN Optimization Visionary, Gartner recognized us as one of the first companies to embed the functionality within our infrastructure and offer it as a service.
  • They noted our simplified deployment model which eliminates the needs for on-premises WAN optimization appliances, quite common with hardware required for a Riverbed deployment. This enables Aryaka to provide customers with efficient implementation in days or even hours.
  • Even if an appliance is necessary, our updated ANAP (Aryaka Network Access Point) is able to support direct Internet access, while also providing end-to-end WAN optimization.

The latest report also cites our network-based solution and additional capabilities such as custom reporting, CDN delivery, in addition to our global private network. That is why in their summary, Gartner recommends considering Aryaka for global enterprises with distributed networks, where the flexibility of cloud-based WAN optimization is desired.

Aryaka WAN Optimization: Proof in Numbers

Aryaka saw the close of another record quarter, achieving over 150 percent year-over-year (YoY) bookings growth in Calendar Q2 2016. Some of the global enterprises who signed on for services include Gucci, Skullcandy, Demonware, Volex, Knewton, Quanshi, and Air China.

From Gartner WAN Optimization to SD-WAN

While WAN optimization is viewed by Gartner as the solution that improves the performance of applications running across the network and as a means to reduce bandwidth expenses, they also recognize this solution is continuing to evolve and needs to meet greater demands.

The bigger picture involves SD-WAN being used to efficiently route Internet traffic between multiple locations, with WAN optimization becoming more of a value-add for these services. SD-WAN is still new to the network space, but an increasing number of vendors are beginning to incorporate WAN optimization into their SD-WAN offerings. We believe it is really important to do so to improve performance for on-premises, cloud-based and SaaS, applications, maintain a balanced throughput between private and public connections, and enable faster access and performance to cloud platforms.

Most vendors still lack the network component though, which is crucial in guaranteeing stable and consistent application performance globally.

Aryaka is the leader and visionary in this space because it is one of the very first companies to combine WAN optimization and SD-WAN functionality into a single solution. It’s good to see other companies following this lead.

Global SD-WAN: The Next Frontier
Even the most progressive SD-WANs today cannot solve the issue of accelerating mission-critical applications for enterprises on a global level. Many of the problems arise from global enterprises relying on the public Internet, where traffic becomes congested easily and latency is an issue.

An MPLS solution is expensive, takes months to deploy, and does not include WAN optimization without the purchase of additional hardware.

Improving the performance of mission-critical applications for global enterprises is an area where Aryaka is not just a visionary, but a leader with our global SD-WAN solution.

Since the public Internet and MPLS cannot solve the connectivity problem, Aryaka has built a global private network to provide global enterprises with consistent application performance.

Our private network contains points of presence (POPs) on all six habitable continents so that 100% of the world’s business users are within 30ms of a POP at any time. Thus providing global enterprises with MPLS-grade connectivity at any location in the world without having to invest in CapEx-heavy infrastructure or wait through long deployment times.

Aryaka WAN Optimization: Global POP Footprint

On top of our network, we have built a software platform designed to improve the performance and accessibility of cloud-based and SaaS applications for businesses with branch offices around the globe. This includes our proprietary WAN optimization, SD-WAN, cloud connectivity, and CDN technologies.

Aryaka Global SD-WAN: The Results

This solution gives you the following advantages:

  • Up to 40x faster application performance for on-premises and cloud/SaaS applications
  • Up to 10x faster web and IP application delivery
  • Up to 56% cost savings compared to MPLS + WAN Optimization appliances

With Aryaka, a global enterprise is guaranteed a scalable, flexible and adaptable system to connect their sites around the world, without the need of additional hardware or infrastructure.

Global consumer electronics giant, Skullcandy, noticed an immediate impact on their SAP Business ByDesign and Telepresence application performance between their offices in Germany, China, Japan, and the United States. They also saw 40% in cost savings compared to an MPLS investment.

ThoughtWorks, a global IT consulting firm with offices in China, India, and the United States, noticed right away an 80% increase in performance with applications such as PeopleSoft, Exchange, and SVN.

Our Strength Is in Our Global SD-WAN
Aryaka is the only company that provides not just edge-based SD-WAN, but also network-based SD-WAN. We are reinventing the global network to transform it into a super highway for modern worldwide SaaS and cloud-based applications and platforms.

With our comprehensive solutions, Aryaka is dedicated to bring value, agility, and improved performance to its customers in the years to come.

Optimize your network connectivity and speed up application performance with our global SD-WAN solution give Aryaka a try!

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Gary Sevounts
Gary Sevounts is the Chief Marketing Officer at Aryaka Networks, and is responsible for Aryaka’s global marketing efforts. He has extensive experience with software and SaaS products in the IT infrastructure and security space, as well as marketing and sales technology, having held marketing and product management leadership roles with a number of industry leaders.