How Partners Can Speed Up Customers’ Cloud and SaaS Applications


Large global enterprises are adopting cloud computing and SaaS applications at a faster rate than ever before. This means they need network connectivity that delivers applications as if they were installed on their own desktop.

If you’re a master agent, VAR, technology consultant, or systems integrator looking to help your customers improve application delivery on a global scale, Aryaka’s Channel Program is right for you.

Aryaka has been solving this problem with a unique approach that combines a private network layered with WAN Optimization, and the simplicity of the internet. Over 500 global enterprises, covering 63 countries, use Aryaka as their go-to solution for improved global connectivity and application performance.

Our global SD-WAN solution can make a tremendous difference in an organization’s ability to accelerate applications, connect to international branch offices in remote geographies, and transform an enterprise network into something efficient and scalable.

The Aryaka Difference
SD-WAN technology is quickly becoming a popular solution for solving network complexity. However, there are two types of SD-WANs on the market to be aware of: In-Net and Overlay.

Overlay SD-WAN Example
Overlay SD-WAN is designed to deploy and manage a network from a central location by installing edge devices that can also replace WAN routers in branch offices
In-Net SD-WAN also provides centralized management, but includes an actual network layered with WAN Optimization. This provides every global location in your enterprise with faster access and performance to SaaS applications, such as Office 365 or Salesforce.
In-Net SD-WAN Example

Aryaka is the only SD-WAN vendor that provides both.

This also means Aryaka’s solution takes care of the middle mile, something edge-based SD-WAN vendors are unable to accommodate because they rely on the public internet for their network connections. Since it’s backed by a global private network, our entire platform is designed for security, redundancy, and optimization. We don’t have to rely on other vendors or integrations to ensure our customer’s business can run quickly and with stability.


Some of our partners benefit from :

  • Large Target Market: Every global enterprise is affected by the SaaS revolution. Our global private network was designed to deliver the best performance available for cloud and SaaS Connectivity to anywhere in the world.
  • Quick Installation: Average sale cycle is less than 30 days. Faster time to install means faster time to commissions.
  • On-Demand Upgrades: Customers can add resources (and revenue) at the click of a button.
  • Simple Qualification: Customers that are cloud or SaaS enabled, running MPLS, or have global locations are ideal candidates.
  • Award-Winning Platform: Aryaka’s network is Layer 2, proprietary, and owned solely by Aryaka. A huge plus for security and stability.

The Sales Support Model
The biggest differentiator to Aryaka’s Channel Partner Program is that we don’t just offer a Channel Manager approach, but a fully rounded sales engine that ranges from partner support, inside sales staff, customer managers, sales engineers, and our Partner Sales Directors. This means that no matter what stage in the sales process you are with your customers, you have a fully dialed-in resource to utilize.


Aryaka Partner Portal
Aryaka’s Partner Portal is a one-stop self-service for anything Aryaka. Download marketing collateral, sales tools, news and updates, and get insight into your current funnel. Plus, submit new leads and track their progress as you engage with the Aryaka partner sales team.

Partner Resources

  • Full Hand-held Sales Support
  • Customer References and Case Studies
  • Marketing and Sales Collateral
  • Co-Branded Materials
  • Email Marketing Campaigns and Templates
  • Web and Landing Page Content
  • Lead Generation Practices and Resources
  • TCO Calculators and Sales Tools
  • Training Decks and Learning Systems
  • Webinar and Virtual Trainings
  • Sponsored Customer-Facing Events
  • Customer Billing Support

What Type of Partner is Right for Aryaka?
Does your company fit into one or more of these categories?

  • Cloud Service Provider?
  • Master Agent
  • Managed Service Provider?
  • Technology Consultant
  • Systems Integrator?
  • Value-Added Reseller?

Do you have customers with the following requirements or problems?

  • MPLS Replacement / Alternative to MPLS?
  • Frustrations with MPLS Time-to-Deployment?
  • Internet-based VPN Connectivity Issues when using VoIP &/or Video?
  • WAN-Optimization Requirements?
  • End-User Experience Difficulties when accessing Cloud/SaaS Applications?

If you checked “yes” to any of the items mentioned above, you should provide Aryaka’s global SD-WAN to your customers today. Please contact our Channel team to learn more.

About the author

Stefanie Ryan
Stefanie Ryan is the Head of Strategic Channel Marketing at Aryaka. She has extensive experience growing and developing marketing strategies targeting the indirect sales channel, and building partner programs.