Gartner Symposium: Learn How to Simplify Your Network for Digital Transformation

gartner symposium

Global enterprises around the world are currently undergoing a digital transformation where mission-critical resources are migrating to the cloud. SD-WANs are reshaping the way enterprises deliver these resources. However, leveraging MPLS or the public Internet for connectivity with SD-WAN adds complexity without delivering the full potential of migrating to the cloud.

Aryaka is excited to announce we will be hosting a workshop at Gartner Symposium in Barcelona, Spain on November 5th in Expo 4 at 13:10 UTC. Over 6,000 CIOs and senior IT executives are scheduled to attend this year’s Symposium, where they will gain a strategic view of the emerging trends shaping IT and business.

In our workshop, we will share with IT leaders best practices into how they can simplify their network for digital transformation, meet the demands of modern business execution, and also accommodate global enterprise requirements to provide the speed and simplicity desired today.

Meeting the Demands for Today’s Business Environment

In today’s digital transformation age, enterprises must focus on some key elements that comprise a true, holistic approach to achieving the full benefits of cloud services and global collaboration:

  • A true global enterprise solution by its nature will be agile and adaptive, including multi-layered security, built-in WAN optimization, cloud and SaaS acceleration.
  • It should be capable of being up and running in days, not months. Complex network infrastructure takes a lot of time and dollars to design, deploy, manage, and monitor.
  • A fully managed offering of your global WAN will let your IT focus on delivering business applications, increasing their productivity and not stuck in day-to-day network management and troubleshooting the complexities.

If you check out many of the SD-WAN offerings on the market today, you will quickly realize many actually do not meet that criteria.  And our workshop will provide IT leaders of global enterprises with the insights needed to choose the right network solution for their business.

Aryaka helps international enterprises deliver improved performance for cloud and on-premises applications to enterprise data centers, branch offices, and remote or mobile employees anywhere in the world. Our global solution is currently deployed by more than 800 global enterprises, with 8,000+ sites in 63 countries.

To learn more about how you can drive digital transformation and shape the future of business, stop by Aryaka’s exhibition booth (#518) or request a personal consultation with us at the event here.

About the author

Syed Ghayur
Syed is Vice President of Global Systems Engineering at Aryaka, and has over 20 years of experience within networking and engineering industries.