Is SD-WAN Ready for Global Deployments?

Variation in Application Response Time Using Internet

The Internet is not your corporate WAN.

Sounds simple, right? But it’s something that many organizations still struggle to understand and move past when it comes to network connectivity.

Mouli Radhakrishnan, Aryaka’s Senior Director of Product Management, had the opportunity to talk about this problem — and how Aryaka can solve it — at  SD-WAN Conference and Expo 2018. We were excited for the opportunity to show how Aryaka is providing solutions that help organizations around the world improve their networks and optimize business performance.

Organizations operating in the global marketplace face several challenges when it comes to building an enterprise WAN.

  • Long response times, which lead to loss of productivity and user abandonment of applications
  • Unrealistic deployment times. MPLS takes an average of 90-120 days to implement on a global scale
  • High cost: This includes both financial costs and the staffing costs associated with maintaining the network.

The beauty of SD-WAN is that it makes networks simple and easy to deploy, but on a global scale, it does not improve the delivery of mission-critical applications. Aryaka takes it one step further improves application delivery and performance on a truly global scale.

In today’s marketplace, business processes now drive technology needs, not the other way around — and a network needs to stand up to that. Aryaka can deliver applications more quickly to global enterprises. It built a truly global network right from the start, rather than implementing incremental change along the way.

Aryaka’s Global Private Network for Enterprise-Grade Performance

Aryaka was on the bleeding edge of SD-WAN when its global SD-WAN launched in 2010 and the company is now well positioned for success as the market continues to grow. We have a truly global reach with 29 Points of Presence on six continents.

Application Performance Comparison - Internet vs. Global SD-WAN

Aryaka’s “secret sauce,” Radhakrishnan said, is its strong development team, which worked to build a full-service global network that can deliver any application with the best service possible. Aryaka’s customers do not need to worry about how their platforms and applications will perform; they can focus on doing their jobs knowing that Aryaka’s global SD-WAN will take care of the rest.

A global SD-WAN can also be up and running anywhere in the world within 48 hours, as opposed to the months it takes to deploy MPLS or other solutions. Once implemented, our customers see application response times improve an average of 4.1 times and much more consistency in response time across applications.

Is SD-WAN ready for global deployments? As the attendees of SD-WAN Conference and Expo 2018 heard, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Hear more from Mouli about what Aryaka brings to the market in this interview with Rich Tehrani of TMC, producer of SD-WAN 2018.

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Sindhuja Kolluru
Sindhu is a Product Manager at Aryaka, and is passionate about advancing technology to deliver customer solutions. She holds a MBA from University of Texas and a technical degree from Indian Institute of technology.