The Aryaka Customer Call

A typical customer reaction to an engagement with Aryaka. True Story!

When can I have it done?

With an MPLS line, it can take you anywhere from a month to six months to have a line provisioned. Aryaka can do it for you in minutes – the way you want it provisioned, integrated with your existing network.

Wow! Great to know. But will that mean I am getting a substandard connection? Won’t my transfer rates suffer?

As one of our customers puts it –

“If you’re sitting at the (remote) location and actually doing the same thing over and over again, the way that they (Aryaka) have it designed is that it almost looks like you’re right at the headquarters building!”

Aryaka’s optimization techniques reduce latency with TCP optimization, cutting out frequent TCP handshaking routines, and compression, deduplication and caching allow for reducing transfers of duplicate data, reducing bandwidth usage and giving you an ‘onsite’ network experience!

Excellent. So does this mean I can move all my bandwidth intensive applications to be delivered over the Aryaka Network?

Yes! Aryaka accelerates a variety of different applications –from chatty protocols like CIFS to web access protocols such as HTTP and HTTPS, along with support for specific applications such as Perforce. Aryaka delivers acceleration for several applications; our team can also work with custom internal applications.

How do you enable connectivity around the world? Will your access points be close enough to my locations to be able to deliver the performance you promise?

Our worldwide network of distributed POPs are positioned close to end users all over the world. The POP locations are strategically selected based on customer proximity, network and geographical diversity. Enterprise locations connect into the Aryaka network over one or more existing Internet links (or using a direct L2 connection) to one or more of our POPs, and can be up and running in minutes, not weeks or months.

Will there be issues integrating with my existing network?

If you have ever used MPLS, you will know that integrating new MPLS connections with your existing network can be a pain. Typically, customers say they could spend up to a week simply configuring the connection to fit into their network – and that is after the long several-month provisioning cycle.

With Aryaka, you simply plug in the connection and (optional) ANAP device – provided and maintained at no extra cost by Aryaka – on both ends and call us to say you’re ready. Our support service (referred to by our customers as “Amazing!”) will get on the job and have you up and running in minutes. Our support not only works with our own equipment, but can help you configure your entire infrastructure so Aryaka’s integration into your network is seamless and easy! Our support will keep you appraised of issues proactively, even before they emerge and are noticed by your users.

How many enterprise users can work on the network at a given time?

There isn’t a set limit, but the network scales very well; as an example, one of our customers runs around 500 concurrent users on their connection.

Well, would I need some sort of backup strategy in place or do you take care of that too?

Yes, you should look at backup but not end to end for all your locations – only for the last mile connectivity you would use to connect to our nearest POP. Aryaka’s core network is completely redundant with multiple failsafe mechanisms, so you could typically look at adding an additional internet connection from your office to the closest Aryaka POP.

What is the connection bandwidth I should be looking at?

It is a call to be taken keeping your unique network requirements in mind – however, no matter where you start (and we will give you recommendations for beginning too), Aryaka’s visibility and management services (MyAryaka) as well as our support team will keep you appraised on the usage of your connection – alerting you when capacity is over utilized or under-utilized, so that you know when a change in bandwidth is needed.

The cloud is not something we are accustomed to even on the software and applications front. How can we trust a cloud-based network to deliver for us?

Many of our customers are seasoned MPLS users who put up with the restrictions it imposes on network capabilities for years – and eventually reached breaking point with them. Many were initially wary and didn’t fully accept what we had to say to them.

They started the trial with us with a two-site connection– then came on board as permanent customers – then as their MPLS contracts expired moved more and more sites to Aryaka. After our users see the acceleration and performance improvements from Aryaka, they do not want to move to MPLS anymore, as one of our customers puts it – “Once a user sees the performance increase by the acceleration and the items that Aryaka has as part of their service you’re not going to be able to compete; it’s just a different standard that they’re pushing and the MPLS provider couldn’t do anything.”

What about the costs? Will I be able to justify the cost of the service to the business?

Our customers can afford to add a backup last mile internet connection and still save thousands of dollars each month.

Our customers are our biggest advocates – we have had customers, who are part of a big conglomerate, recommend our services to other companies in their group. Like they say, a great product sells itself! The features and the performance are what our customers rave about and they are yet to come across anything that we haven’t been able to provide them.

Try Aryaka today! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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