Major Internet Outage Resulting from Suspected Cut of Undersea Cable

Aryaka’s Unified SASE customers immune to global internet outage and enjoy uninterrupted service.

A major internet outage was first reported in the evening of Oct 19, impacting fiber connectivity between Europe and Asia.  The chart below from Thousand Eyes depicts this outage, impacting the underlying infrastructure and of course critical applications.

Connectivity has now been restored, but it does demonstrate the vulnerability of the global infrastructure that many of us take for granted.

One of Aryaka’s advantages is a meshed, private global backbone with automatic rerouting, and our customers experienced no service degradation as it relates to packet loss, latency, or jitter.  Basically, no impact to mission-critical applications.  How?

This is because Aryaka offers guaranteed bandwidth based on Layer 1 links between continents, prioritizing Aryaka customer traffic over the internet traffic.  As with most providers, our HyperScale PoPs constantly analyze link status and adjust as required.  Note that this is not a given – just because a given PoP has multiple resilient links, it must have the ability to handle the customer traffic after it automatically reroutes around failures.

With increased internet threats like this one of vandalism, cyber warfare and DDOS, these capabilities are even more important, and Aryaka offers the peace of mind that CIOs and their teams require.

About the author

Renuka Nadkarni
Renuka Nadkarni is a security veteran with 20 years of experience building new businesses startups or new businesses at large, publicly traded companies. Before joining Aryaka, she held CTO, Security position at F5 Inc. where she was instrumental in driving F5’s foray into the security market. Previously, she has held various positions and built cutting-edge cloud and security products and launching new businesses at F5, VMware, Infoblox and launching startups. She holds an MS in Electric Engineering from the University of Houston and a BS in Electric Engineering from the University of Mumbai.