SD-WAN Security Best Practices for Multi-Cloud Connectivity

SD-WAN Security Best Practices for Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Cloud platforms and SaaS applications have created more connections across diverse locations, and global enterprises are finding that they require a defense in depth security strategy to protect their digital resources. So what strategies using SD-WAN can be applied to maintain best-in class security across a global network?

Lightreading’s SecurityNow recently hosted a webinar with Aryaka and global manufacturing leader, Makino, exploring SD-WAN best practices and essentials for delivering multi-layered, defense in depth security through the network, while also enhancing application performance to improve productivity worldwide.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How a global manufacturing leader applied layered security to their network
  • Challenges in protecting mission-critical applications for global enterprises
  • The importance of deploying multiple layers of security to protect business-critical data
  • Integration best practices that provide global enterprises with enhanced security infrastructure and faster application performance

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Sindhuja Kolluru
Sindhu is a Product Manager at Aryaka, and is passionate about advancing technology to deliver customer solutions. She holds a MBA from University of Texas and a technical degree from Indian Institute of technology.