Can I Get an SD-WAN for My Enterprise? One with An Application Delivery Network?

Many enterprises want the benefits of SD-WAN– application awareness and performance, cloud connectivity, an economical way to add bandwidth, end-to-end visibility, and then some. But few want the headache of piecing it all together: multiple providers, MPLS, cloud exchanges, VNFs, appliances, figuring out WAN optimization. And by the way, because your application traffic goes over the best efforts public Internet, here’s what you’ll get:

Application response time without SD-WAN

Do It Yourself (DIY) SD-WAN will most assuredly result in a bad user experience and much frustration if it takes two to four seconds to refresh a page or open a file.

But what if you could just buy SD-WAN as a service and get all of those benefits without having to procure, build and manage the network yourself?

That is the model cloud computing introduced and where the industry is moving towards at a remarkable pace.  But one thing that often gets overlooked is what is happening behind the scenes by the providers of such services.

Yes, it is remarkable you can spin up a virtual machine, configure it on the fly, use it for a week and then discard it.  To make all of that possible, however, the company hosting that VM is constantly updating the hardware, the storage, the operating system, the hypervisor platform, the security tools, and the data center which houses it all.  You no longer have to because the modern consumption model lets you climb out of that hamster wheel.

And the same is true with SD-WAN delivered as a service.  The software that defines the network, the secret sauce that enables it to respond to application needs with WAN optimization and predictable performance, is constantly adapting, constantly improving.

Consider what Aryaka does behind the scenes in its global private network, a key component and benefit of SmartCONNECT, our SD-WAN as a Service.  Across every segment of the network, including the last mile, we’re applying WAN optimization techniques such as our unique TCP Optimization, Advanced Redundancy Removal (ARR), and specific application layer performance optimization. Our TCP Optimization is absolutely required for long haul, global application connections in order to mitigate the limiting effects of latency on application performance, and fully utilize available bandwidth, while ARR provides byte-level compression and deduplication to improve data transmission efficiency and increase overall throughput.

Application Delivery Network with Software-Controlled POPs

Patented TCP Optimizer

This diagram above shows at a high level the dramatic difference between the inefficiency of regular TCP going between two POPs in the network versus Aryaka’s TCP optimization. Aryaka’s TCP Optimization reduces the number of acknowledgement and re-transmission messages and increases the amount of data that can be sent at one time.  This, along with the use of ARR compression techniques, can provide up to 40 times faster application performance. And by the way, we happen to own a patent on this technology.

When you invest in a global SD-WAN as a service, you get the benefits of this special sauce and more, without having to participate in the sausage making. Aryaka helps you consume SD-WAN rather than construct it. You get a private, high performance application delivery network with WAN optimization; multi-cloud connectivity; and fast deployment that can be done in as fast as an hour.

All of this is made possible by Managed SD-WAN as a service. But don’t overlook the other operative word in SD-WAN: Software.  Aryaka’s 30, global, intelligent POPs are powered by Aryaka’s patented technology that the company continuously enhances.  All you do is enjoy the fruits of their labor.

To see for yourself, contact us today and see how you can start now with Aryaka.

About the author

Robert Meyer
Robert Meyer is Director of Global Systems Engineering at Aryaka. He has a 20-year background in networks and security. He has also been involved in WAN Optimization with some of the world’s leading companies for more than 10 years.