Network as a Service: Consume or Construct

Network as a Service

Cloud adoption is on the rise and the need for optimal connectivity is greater than ever. According to a recent forecast from Gartner, cloud computing remains a major driver of IT spending. Research indicates by 2022, more than a quarter (28%) of spending within key enterprise IT markets will be cloud-based, up 19% from 2018.

This means enterprises with branch offices around the world will need to ensure every employee is engaged and equipped with the right tools for team collaboration and business execution in cloud and SaaS environments. It’s important to ensure no matter where an employee resides in the world, they have seamless and consistent access to cloud applications and tools.

The Construction Approach to Application Delivery

In the past, global enterprises would construct their own network infrastructure to provide global employees with the right access to data and applications. This would involve deploying MPLS connections to branch offices, headquarters, and data centers where everything was hosted.

However, as data and applications move to third-party clouds away from the on-premises server, this method of network infrastructure becomes inefficient and incredibly expensive. In many cases, it’s impossible to deploy direct MPLS links from each branch office to the cloud.

That’s why today many CIOs want to consume their network in the same way they consume their applications today: As a cloud-based service.

Can Networks Be Deployed Like SaaS?

One key benefit to cloud computing for any business is the ability to scale out at the own pace of their business. With any cloud or SaaS application, deployment is as simple as the user pointing to a URL and accessing the application.

Aryaka takes the same approach by abstracting connectivity.

Cloud Application Acceleration

With Aryaka, a business simply points their routers or switches to one of our global POPs, and they’re automatically connected to all their branch offices and cloud-based application services through one global private network.

Through this consumption approach, an enterprise can now deploy their network in a matter of hours rather than build their own in months.

There are a number of advantages to this approach:

  • Flexibility: By using a standard Internet connection to reach Aryaka’s services, businesses can rely on a fast and secure core network without having to build out heavy infrastructure. Business can also expand branch offices or move locations as they please, without having to worry about the rigidity of the legacy MPLS-based global infrastructure in place.
  • Faster Application Access: Enabling this faster connectivity through our global private network layered with WAN optimization ensures every employee around the world has consistent and seamless access to the business’s mission-critical applications used around the world. End-users anywhere can access the same behind-the-firewall or SaaS application as if they were working next to where the applications reside.
  • Full Transparency: Since legacy MPLS relies on multiple providers to connect branch offices worldwide, it does not have the ability to provide full transparency into the network. Aryaka provides a single cohesive global network which is centrally managed, enabling it to provide end-to-end, real-time transparency. IT can get a full view into network and application performance, supporting the enterprises’ business execution objectives.
  • Zero CapEx: Since there is no infrastructure to build and invest in, this provides global enterprises with a lower total cost of ownership than they would find with building their own legacy network.

Over 800+ Enterprises Consume Their Global Network Using Aryaka

Aryaka services have been deployed by some of the largest global companies in manufacturing and software. Businesses of all sizes and verticals use Aryaka for their go-to solution to optimize cloud and SaaS application delivery, along with agile network deployment across global locations.

  • Global manufacturing leader, Makino, replaced their legacy network with a software-defined solution from Aryaka and had their entire intercontinental network deployed in less than three days. What’s more, they saw data synchronization times between their headquarters in Toyko and the United States decrease from 6-7 hours down to 22 minutes, leading to a 20x increase in productivity.
  • City & Guilds Group, a worldwide leader in eLearning and executive coaching also moved to a global solution from Aryaka to increase productivity and collaboration between their users in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Network deployment between all their global locations was up and running in a matter of days, and global users were able to collaborate through applications such as Office 365 in real time.

The Consumption Approach is the Future

The shift of data and applications moving away from data centers hosted inside the headquarters to clouds that can be accessed anywhere is the present and future of application delivery.

This means the needs for the network are changing. That is why it is important to enable your business with a network that is as flexible and adaptable as the applications and tools required to execute your business today.

Connect today with Aryaka and see what we can do for your global enterprise.

About the author

Eli Lazich
Eli Lazich is Director of Business Development and Technology Alliances at Aryaka. He has over 25 years of experience in enterprise networking, WAN Optimization, and building strategic corporate alliances worldwide.