WAN Optimization Solves App Delays for Global Equipment Supplier

Optimize WAN to Accelerate Applications

If you rely on the Internet to support users around the world, you are likely frustrated by slow network speeds. Whether you’re in Kuala Lumpur or Kentucky, using the public Internet means your precious packets can get stacked up behind someone trying to download 20 of their favorite movies. The best way to address the problem is using WAN acceleration, and rather than deploying it yourself, the best way to consume the technology is as a ready-to-go service.

That’s the lesson Henny Penny learned, the Ohio-based food equipment supplier that sells baking and roasting equipment to commercial kitchens all over the world. Henny Penny’s designers and engineers are in Central Ohio and Suzhou, China and they rely heavily on shared applications. The speed of the WAN is a key factor in their productivity. Unfortunately, with high latency and increased traffic between the China and Ohio locations, their design applications were failing.

Public Internet, Private Problems

Henny Penny was using an Internet-based VPN tunnel between Ohio and China for the global teams to collaborate, but it was proving to be increasingly unstable, with packet losses reaching 5% and crippling crucial applications.

The first alternative considered was migrating to MPLS and adopting optimization tools from the likes of Riverbed, Silver Peak or Bluecoat, but that would be expensive, take months to deploy and leave the company with a complex ecosystem that it would have to manage.

So instead, Henny Penny decided to opt for a WAN from Aryaka Networks that is delivered as a service, is already optimized, has acceleration built in, and doesn’t use the shared, public Internet.

Aryaka’s WAN service is delivered over a managed, global private network, ensuring corporate traffic is fully and consistently optimized, resulting in peak application performance that is consistent. Because the service is cloud-based, hardware investment is unnecessary and network management is taken out of the equation. Adding branch offices to the corporate network cloud is instant. And no matter where in the world employees sit, a private backbone lets site-to-site and site-to-cloud traffic completely bypass the public Internet.

Stable from Ohio to China and back

For businesses to run, employees need to have the same application experiences no matter where they are logging on from. By leveraging Aryaka’s global private network, Henny Penny achieved significant reduction in latency and gained unparalleled network stability — from Ohio to China. The company’s designers now easily collaborate across the globe, efficiently sharing the company’s core design and engineering applications.

Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN

For other companies experiencing the same difficulties as Henny Penny, the good news is they no longer need to choose between expensive WAN links, complicated WAN optimization hardware or the flaky public Internet. Today, accelerated WAN services delivered over a global private network offer a groundbreaking alternative – one designed for our cloud-enabled, mobile, and social age.

Find out how easy it is to get the performance of an enterprise-grade network, with Internet-like simplicity. Request a meeting to learn more about Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN today.

About the author

Jason Wells
Jason Wells is Vice President EMEA & APAC at Aryaka, and leads business development operations for both regions. He has over 15 years’ experience developing growth and adoption for some of the leading security, network, and communications solutions within the industry today.