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5 Questions MPLS Providers Hope You Won’t Ask

For 20 years, MPLS has been the enterprise answer to providing the organization with stable and reliable connectivity. Today, MPLS providers still serve a $30 billion+ market. However, though a lot has changed with the enterprise WAN over the past two decades, it seems not much has changed with MPLS. MPLS was designed to provide […]

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Skype for business…a recipe for stress or success?

Skype for Business with a Legacy Network Skype for Business with a Global SD-WAN Skype for Business lets you collaborate with anyone, anywhere, on any device, with the security and control of Microsoft. But, when WANs cause poor voice quality and frequent disconnects, there are some things you won’t be able to do with Skype […]

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Dreamforce Day 1: Just Say NO to Slow

“It can take forever to work with Salesforce overseas,” explained Jim, a frustrated sales engineer who has to travel every other month to APAC, and meet with clients and prospects. “Every time I have to use SFDC in Australia, I can wait up to a minute for the page to refresh.” “There’s not much we […]

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Salesforce Is Slow? — How You Can Solve IT!

Salesforce is one of the first applications that’s extended to new offices when U.S. companies expand into global locations, such as China. However, slow application performance often limits adoption and usage, thus negatively impacting business execution for newly opened branches. “China sales reps weren’t updating Salesforce data until after the deals closed because it was […]

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Spiceworks “2017 State of IT Report” Sneak Peek Speaks Volumes

Looks like it is indeed “game on” for corporate IT pros and solution providers to get it right, or go home. According to the sneak peek blog from Spiceworks, their “2017 State of IT Report” will cite how cloud and SaaS applications are becoming increasingly more important for global corporations, and a crucial aspect for […]

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