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CIOs: Is the Cloud driving you Crazy?

Today’s CIOs face a number of heavy demands in building and managing a network for their global employees. Enabling workers to access cloud applications from anywhere, any time, on any device can be a difficult balancing act to manage. They need to make sure that application performance levels remain high and overall productivity never suffers, […]

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SD-WAN Market Share | Aryaka
Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration Drive SD-WAN Market Growth

Unless your global enterprise still operates using Morse code, there has probably been some major buzz in your IT department around the cloud, digital transformation, and of course, SD-WAN. IHS Markit released their latest industry report, which noted the SD-WAN market grew 12% in Q1 2018. While legacy enterprises such as VMware and Cisco jumped […]

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How Latency, Packet Loss, and Distance Kill Application Performance

Latency, packet loss, distance, and application performance. What do all these terms have to do with each other? If you manage IT networks for a global enterprise, it’s important to step back and look at big picture, so you can more clearly see how they all impact one another. This may sound like “Networking 101” […]

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Are SaaS Cloud Applications Slowing You Down?

When it comes to productivity in today’s global business environment, every second counts. If your employees can check Twitter, order lunch, and buy something from Amazon in the time it takes to run a report, then slow cloud or SaaS application is hurting your business. A recent study on mobile and data management found that […]

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5 Reasons SD-WAN is Critical for Global Airlines like Air China

Industry experts believe that old legacy systems are unable to handle the exponential surge in passenger volume, fleet sizes, along with increasing customer expectations and global expansion of airline companies. For the airlines industry, the importance of global network connectivity ranges from business- to mission-critical. When network connectivity is lost or application performance is impacted, […]

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Migrating to Azure? The network is critical to deployment success

Microsoft enterprise customers are migrating to the company’s Azure cloud computing platform in droves, with the company reporting 98% year-over-year revenue growth in its second fiscal quarter of 2018. The appeal is clear. Enterprise shops want to increase agility by getting out of the capital-intensive infrastructure business and start consuming computing as a service on […]

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How SD-WAN Can Improve Application Performance for Global Enterprises

Digital transformation is reshaping how global enterprises conduct business at a significant rate and with the remote and mobile workforce increasing rapidly, accessing mission-critical applications is more vital to business productivity than ever. Even on top of that, businesses are continuing to expand globally. But, using an internet-based SD-WAN could hinder an enterprise’s ability to […]

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Thinking Different with Your Office 365 Deployment

Abstracting our applications into the cloud has made it easier for IT to distribute, manage, and update software for the global enterprise – but the simplicity of the technology does not come without caveats. With applications moving outside of the data center and into the cloud, IT now must figure out ways to optimize connectivity […]

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Is it really true that “no one gets fired for buying AT&T?”

Not for long: a look at the disruptive forces upending the networking status quo – and why you won’t hear about those forces from the incumbent telecom providers: Collaboration is key to the success of any global business. With the uptick in outsourcing over the past few years, many large and mid-sized companies are setting […]

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3 Reasons to consider ARYAKA’s SmartCDN for your Global business

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) market continues to evolve as new technologies and startups force change upon the landscape, and it seems there is no end in sight to the disruptions. Startups are introducing new ways of using innovative cloud-based architectures and challenging legacy technologies to conduct business cheaper and faster. Additionally, technology sectors such […]

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Here’s What No One Tells You About Application Performance

An increasing number of businesses are relying on mission-critical applications for better efficiency, collaboration, cost savings, and revenue generation. The ugly side of dependence on such applications is the negative impact they can have on the business when there are outages or severe performance degradations. With mission-critical time-sensitive applications rapidly migrating to the cloud and […]

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5 Questions MPLS Providers Hope You Won’t Ask

For 20 years, MPLS has been the enterprise answer to providing the organization with stable and reliable connectivity. Today, MPLS providers still serve a $30 billion+ market. However, though a lot has changed with the enterprise WAN over the past two decades, it seems not much has changed with MPLS. MPLS was designed to provide […]

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