Skullcandy switches to Aryaka, meets spike in customer demand

The technology industry has been buzzing with the news that Apple Inc. plans to remove the headphone jack in its immensely popular iPhones. In the past, the headphone industry never used to make much news, until Apple bought Beats Electronics for $3 billion. Given this latest development, the headphone industry will now face a critical […]

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Enterprise Networking: The Latest Piece of IT Infrastructure to Cloudify

Remember in 2006 when an up-and-coming e-retailer created the world’s first cloud technology to scale their own company’s needs? Image Credit: iStock Images It was the beginning of the end for 30-year-old legacy datacenters that companies built and maintained for their own use. At the time, as a technology early adopter, a co-worker and I […]

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How an Agile Network Helps You Own the Globe

For companies that rely on making real-time information available across globally distributed offices, agility can be a major concern. 1) They want to connect remote offices quickly, and 2) They want a fast, reliable network. So, why is agility so important? The math is fairly simple: speed equals productivity. Taking months to connect an office […]

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Feeling like MPLS means More Pay Less Service? Consider this.

Here’s a quick quiz. Question 1: Is your company looking to globalize? Question 2: Are you moving your applications to the cloud? If you answered yes to either of these, you might reconsider the value of your MPLS. Companies of all sizes are desperate for performance, bandwidth, and low latency. And today’s go-to solution is […]

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ONE Network for the Hybrid WAN

Enterprises are evolving and so is the WAN. With globalization and cloud adoption being the two megatrends affecting network architectures today, CIOs are discussing hybrid WAN initiatives with their teams. Most global businesses use MPLS for their primary application traffic and use Internet links as both backup to their MPLS network and as primary links […]

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5 Common Myths about MPLS that Hurt Your Business

I often wonder why businesses stick with outdated technologies, such as MPLS, when superior alternatives are available at a much lower cost. I ask my sales team what they hear in the trenches, and the excuses they’re given are legion – and most sound like rationalizations. This isn’t meant to knock people making those decisions, […]

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Regional ISPs: If you don’t have a global strategy, you’re going to lose your business customers

Consider this scenario: You’re the leading ISP within your region. You provide your corporate customers with the fastest access to the Internet that money can buy. You have great relationships with all your customers, and they love your support team. You’ve been doing everything right, so what could convince your top-tier customers to leave you? […]

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The Aryaka Customer Call

A typical customer reaction to an engagement with Aryaka. True Story! When can I have it done? With an MPLS line, it can take you anywhere from a month to six months to have a line provisioned. Aryaka can do it for you in minutes – the way you want it provisioned, integrated with your […]

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It’s Groundhog Day, Again, for WAN Optimization…It Doesn’t Have to be That Way

Sunday was Groundhog Day. Last week was Riverbed’s quarterly and yearly earnings report. Pretty much the same thing, we think. Rumors of Steelhead’s death are premature, crowed Jerry Kennelly, co-founder and CEO of Riverbed, during the company’s earnings call. “It’s a good product, a good business.” Sure it is – for Riverbed. Convincing businesses to […]

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