IFCO, Global RPC Supplier, Accelerates Customer-Facing Platform by 10x with Aryaka

IFCO is the world’s leading provider of sustainable packing solutions for perishables and the first to develop an outsourced Reusable Plastic Container (RPC) pooling system for fresh produce in 1992. IFCO’s sustainable RPC solutions enable their customers to pack and safely transport produce, dairy and meat around the globe. IFCO manages the delivery of over 1.5 billion shipments per year in over 50 countries across Europe, North and Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The Challenge

As IFCO’s customer base has expanded in recent years in China, so has use of the company’s global customer-facing platform MyIFCO. Because MyIFCO, an interface used by customers to order, manage and track packaging, is centrally hosted in Europe, platform performance for China-based users was sluggish compared to those in Europe and the Americas. Not only were connections in China 10x slower in terms of latency, throughput and response times, more than 6% of the web requests from China were failing. Users weren’t happy. IFCO needed a solution that would not just solve the issue, but solve it quickly.

The Solution

IFCO’s lean IT organization supports business across five continents, so the company had already made the strategic decision to invest in managed service solutions to maximize productivity. Aryaka’s managed services solution, recommended by IFCO’s trusted IT partner and MPLS provider Deutsche Telekom, fit this strategy while solving the company’s application performance issues for their increasing volume of China-based users.

After deploying Aryaka SmartCDN, Aryaka’s dynamic IP application acceleration as-a-Service solution, IFCO’s users
in China experienced 10X faster performance of MyIFCO. In delivering an improved end-user experience, IFCO saw
a boost in usage of the customer platform in the region.

Lastly, IFCO was able to deploy the solution and see results quickly.

I was really impressed with both Aryaka and Deutsche Telekom and how they connected quite well. It was really hand-in-hand from the beginning, starting with the presentation through to the project… That was really impressive to me because I’ve seen, especially in the networking environment, other projects requiring long lead times of 100 days or more. We were able to accomplish everything and met all of our goals in a very short timeframe.

– Patrick Klinger, Director of Global IT at IFCO

IFCO Results with Aryaka

Ease of Deployment

Customer-Facing Platform
Accelerated by 10x

Quick Deployment