Aryaka Solves Latency Issues, Provides Stable Connectivity for Global Benefits Administration Provider ProView Global

ProView Global (PvG) is a benefits administration provider headquartered in the Philippines with a primarily U.S.-based client roster spanning a diverse range of verticals. The company was founded in 2006 with the mission to decouple and unburden employee benefits administration for U.S.-based companies by building an offshore organization that would align to American corporate culture, but at a lower cost.

The Challenge

As a company based in the Philippines that works largely with U.S.-based organizations, ProView Global’s employees are required to connect to a variety of client networks through various pathways from remote access into AWS data centers to remote desktop connections. Every client is different and has virtual machines anywhere in the U.S. from the East Coast to Utah and to California.

Before deploying Aryaka, ProView Global was experiencing major latency issues. In one example, PvG employees working with one of the company’s largest clients needed to connect into the client’s Citrix VDI environment in order to work every day. At the time, the typical experience for a PvG employee based in the Philippines was that it would take roughly 8-10 minutes to connect to this particular client and they would be disconnected anywhere from six to eight times throughout the day. Even opening an Excel file with very little data would be a time-consuming task. This severe latency not only resulted in a significant loss of productivity, but also an increase in errors due to the disruption of the multiple disconnections and a higher-than-normal attrition rate on this particular account.

“It has been a great partnership. You know how when you get home you turn on the lights and you just know they’ll come on? You don’t really think about the electric company. That’s how I describe Aryaka’s service. We don’t need to think about it because it just works, which is a great testament to your service.”

Michael Rivera
Co-founder, President & COO, ProView Global

The Solution

After evaluating various vendors, ProView Global ultimately selected Aryaka to solve their latency issues. After deploying Aryaka, connecting to a client decreased from a 10-minute process to less than a minute and even more important, gone were the multiple disconnections. The Excel spreadsheet that previously took multiple minutes to open became just a few seconds, almost as if the PvG employee were sitting in the same office in North Carolina with their client instead of hundreds of miles away in the Philippines. As Michael Rivera, Co-founder, President & COO of ProView Global, puts it, “The significant difference in pre-Aryaka and post-Aryaka is pretty spectacular.”

Yet it wasn’t just the marked improvement in network performance that drove PvG to select Aryaka. It was also because of the partnership provided by Aryaka’s managed services. During the sales process, PvG preferred Aryaka’s approach to listen and tailor a solution to fit the company’s needs. Additionally, with such a lean IT team, offloading network management to Aryaka was a major benefit that provided expertise and saved existing resources.

Lastly, as PvG’s client roster continues to grow, so will their networking needs. Aryaka’s flexibility to easily add and remove bandwidth has been a huge benefit to the company and will continue to provide value.

The good news is we don’t need to call [Aryaka customer] support a lot. The few times we’ve had issues, the team has been great. Very patient. It’s always an art form and a science and they’ve done a great job supporting us when they need to.

Michael Rivera, Co-founder, President & COO, ProView Global

ProView Global Result with Aryaka

10 minutes reduced to less than 60 seconds to open files

10 minutes reduced to less than 60 seconds to open files

0 disconnections = stable network

0 disconnections = stable network