Aryaka SmartOptimize is an on-demand, application-optimization and acceleration delivered-as-aservice and is a key component of SmartConnect. It offers unparalleled and industry-leading performance.

  • Aryaka’s patented architecture optimizes and compresses WAN traffic in multiple ways, delivering LANlike performance via a private Layer 2 core with QoS and intelligent edge optimization.
  • SmartOptimize includes multi-segment transport optimization for TCP, Advanced Redundancy Removal
    for any uncompressed and unencrypted applications, and application acceleration for SSL and CIFS/ SMB.
  • Verify performance SLAs via Aryaka’s SmartInsights MyAryaka cloud portal.

Core Capabilities

TCP & UDP Optimization

Aryaka uses patented multi-segment TCP optimization techniques while the underlyiing network QoS benefiits both TCP and UDP. Enterprise cloud applications including Office365 or Salesforce as well as UCaaS behave as if they are local to the user.

Aryaka LinkAssure

Aryaka Offers enterprises the benefits of link aggregation and reduced network complexity at branch offices. It includes load balancing, path selection, and single and dual link packet loss recovery with proprietary error correction algorithms.

Data Compression

Aryaka delivers bandwidth optimization reduction that reduces the file size of data that is transmitted over the network, optimizing the available bandwidth across the first-mile.

SSL and CIFS Acceleration

Application proxies greatly improve the performance of WANintolerant applications by shortening the feedback loop.

Deployment Options

Choose one or more options based on the needs of your WAN


Network Acceleration: providing basic optimization, includes TCP Acceleration and LinkAssure
SmartOptimize TurboNet is included with both the Global and Regional deployment options.


Application Acceleration: offering advanced optimization, adds compression, SSL acceleration, and CIFS acceleration.
SmartOptimize TurboApp is included with Global, and optional with Regional.


No Compromise App Performance

‘Day-1’ SLAs from a dedicated global backbone puts IT back in the driver seat to ensure global application performance, positively impacting productivity and profit.

Operational Simplicity

Network and application optimization is part of Aryaka’s end-to-end managed SD-WAN, hiding complexity from the enterprise.

Lower TCO

Network and application optimization help enterprises generate the maximum return on their SD-WAN investment, ensuring data integrity and a peak employee experience, anytime and anywhere in the world.

About Aryaka

Aryaka is the leader and first to deliver Unified SASE as a Service, the only SASE solution designed and built to deliver performance, agility, simplicity and security without tradeoffs. Aryaka meets customers where they are on their unique SASE journeys, enabling them to seamlessly modernize, optimize and transform their networking and security environments. Aryaka’s flexible delivery options empower enterprises to choose their preferred approach for implementation and management. Hundreds of global enterprises, including several in the Fortune 100, depend on Aryaka for cloud-based software-defined networking and security services. For more on Aryaka, please visit