Applications, Sites, And Users Are Not All Created Equal

Enterprises of all sizes have different needs for application and network performance. For instance, not all applications require the same sensitivity level for packet loss, latency, and jitter. ERP and CRM applications are more mission-critical to the enterprise than web-based productivity suites or social media apps. Nor do all sites have the same level of mission-critical attributes. Sites like data centers, headquarters, or big branch locations therefore very o en have a different network requirements for uptime and high availability than a smaller sites like a regional sales office, or small warehouse. In addition, not all employees have the same network and application performance needs and expectations. A CAD engineer working on product design at a manufacturing company requires a particular network response to render the high-resolution images from the cloud or data center while another colleague could be working with a productivity application like Microso 365, that runs adequately well over the Internet.

Other Solutions Require Trade-off Between Cost or Performance

Enterprises usually think they have to make a trade-off decision betwen cost and performance options to optimize their requirements with different vendors and technologies. Companies usually choose to combine legacy MPLS for guaranteed performance with public Internet or enhanced Internet for lower costs. However this o en leads to increased complexity and hidden costs as multiple vendors and solutions need to be stitched together, introducing disparate workflows, a lack of agility and flexibility, and sub-optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In addition, enterprise IT teams are hampered by a lack of observability and control for end-to-end network and application performance insights.

Aryaka FlexCore With Multi-Layered Traffic Steerings Offers Optimal Choice

Cloud-First Architecture with Aryaka FlexCore
Flexible Traffic Optimization with Integrated Cloud Security

Aryaka’s approach is unique and different. We built a cloud-first architecture that combines a global, dual private core backbone consisting of a layer 2 and layer 3 meshed service fabric, built-in on-ramps to Cloud and SaaS providers, embedded cloud security, on-premises security, and integrated service workflows. All are accessible via a single, cloud-based portal for observability and control of the network and applications. Enterprises can choose a service optimized for performance and optimized for cost from us as a single provider.

We conducted extensive tests comparing both network and application performance between traditional internet and the Aryaka FlexCore for typical enterprise transactions. The Aryaka FlexCore outperforms public Internet significantly which ultimately impacts productivity and the user experience.

Optimal Performance and Cost Choice for Enterprise Applications

The Aryaka FlexCore, combined with Aryaka AppAssure and Deep Packet Inspection allows us to treat every application at every site for every user differently. Coupled with integrated WAN optimization, patented application acceleration features, application & link assurance technologies, proactive monitoring, and 24X7 managed service, we can give every application the network performance experience it deserves.

Traditional methods could not solve our network problems. Aryaka perfectly solves our issue by providing a LAN-like network performance for our global, remote employees.

IT Department, Fosun

About Aryaka

Aryaka is the leader and first to deliver Unified SASE as a Service, the only SASE solution designed and built to deliver performance, agility, simplicity and security without tradeoffs. Aryaka meets customers where they are on their unique SASE journeys, enabling them to seamlessly modernize, optimize and transform their networking and security environments. Aryaka’s flexible delivery options empower enterprises to choose their preferred approach for implementation and management. Hundreds of global enterprises, including several in the Fortune 100, depend on Aryaka for cloud-based software-defined networking and security services. For more on Aryaka, please visit