Enterprises use many different applications to run their business. Many of these applications are not surprisingly IP-based and dynamic, meaning content is refreshed frequently.

Enterprises can choose from various Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers that fall typically into two main classes: Traditional CDNs that focus on caching and optimal delivery of static content, often associated with consumer content. And a newer type of CDN focuses on providing a better delivery of dynamic IP applications for businesses.

Two Classes of Content Delivery Networks

Caching and Static Content Focus

Traditional CDNs that focus on the caching and delivery of static content include Video CDNs that improve video streaming (live and Video-on-Demand) experiences using encoding and repackaging technologies and Security CDNs that provide Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS Mitigation services via scrubbing centers.

Business-to-consumer applications like Netflix
or advertising content are the predominant
type of applications.

Dynamic IP Applications Delivery Focus

The second class of CDNs focuses on accelerating personalized, dynamic content for business users.

Enterprise IP applications like VPNs, virtual desktops), remote desktop protocol (RDP), CAD apps, global SaaS applications, IoT, or enterprise custom IP-based applications require a reliable, stable connection to deliver enterprise-class performance from a centrally server hosted application effectively. No matter how distant mobile and remote users are from where the applications are hosted.

Aryaka’s SmartCDN falls in the second class. Traditional CDNs cannot meet the application performance expectations for these enterprise users because they rely entirely on the public internet.

Aryaka SmartCDN Optimizes Business IP Applications Delivery

Aryaka’s solution is a full-service global CDN built from the ground up, tailored to meet the needs of enterprises. Our SmartCDN is an innovative and unique, high-performance CDN platform built to deliver and accelerate dynamic web and IP content/applications used by enterprises. It provides a superior performance for dynamic IP applications for users worldwide utilizing a multi-tenant, secure platform, combined with built-in TCP optimization technology and patented application acceleration solution.

It is built on a global private Layer 2 network with 40+ globally distributed points of presence (PoPs) across six continents. It is the only content delivery network designed to bypass the often-congested public internet on the middle mile, providing enterprise-grade application delivery to remote employees, partners, and mobile users anywhere globally, including Mainland China.

Private Core Network

40+ Global PoPs, including China

Optimized IP App Delivery

Integrated TCP Optimization

Real-Time Network and App Visibility

Fast and Simple Deployment

Dynamic IP Applications used by Enterprises benefit from Aryaka SmartCDN

Design (CAD)

Remote Desktop

File Transfer
Protocol |VoIP

Enterprise IP Apps

Up to 10x Faster Global Delivery of IP-based Applications Speed up your centrally hosted IP-based applications worldwide. Improve performance significantly for all types of application traffic
Deployment in Hours Deploy your service in a matter of hours by implementing a simple CNAME change and benefit from our managed service delivery.
99.999% Uptime and QoS For All Your IP Applications Ensure application availability around the world with Aryaka’s global private core network. Bypass the public internet and avoid latency, congestion, and packet loss that impede application performance
End-to-End Network and Application Visibility Gain real-time insights with an end-to-end, transparent view into the performance of the network and applications with a single tool, the MyAryaka cloud portal

Aryaka Helps Customers to be More Productive and Efficient

Prior to deploying Aryaka, Fosun was deploying their own global fixed content servers and end-to-end cable. For their remote consultants, access to critical applications was slow and inconsistent. Fosun selected Aryaka SmartCDN because it isn’t like other traditional CDN solutions. Rather than storing content, Aryaka SmartCDN leverages the Aryaka private core network to accelerate content delivery by increasing application performance and reducing jitter for end-to-end encrypted traffic, voice, FTP, and real-time video streams. After deploying Aryaka SmartCDN, Fosun’s globally distributed consultants saw a 30% increase in application performance, improving their productivity and efficiency as a team.

IFCO’s lean IT organization supports business across five continents and has made the strategic decision to invest in managed service solutions to maximize productivity. Aryaka’s managed services solution, recommended by IFCO’s trusted IT partner and MPLS provider Deutsche Telekom, fit this strategy while solving its application performance issues for their increasing volume of China-based users. IFCO was able to deploy Aryaka’s SmartCDN solution fast and see results quickly: its users in China experienced 10X faster performance of MyIFCO, a custom IP-based application hosted in Europe.

Traditional methods could not solve our network problems. Aryaka perfectly solves our issue by providing a LAN-like network performance for our global, remote employees.

IT Department, Fosun

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