I’m Stan Yarbrough, I’m the Senior Enterprise Architect for Element Solutions Inc. Element Solutions is a global chemical firm. We produce chemicals for a range of applications include automotive, industrial, electronics and offshore drilling. As I began moving to the cloud about three and a half years ago when we were trying to figure out the best way to do that and consolidate our network, and SD-WAN just made sense, Aryaka made sense because it’s really the only true SD-WAN middle mile provider and we found that not only are they good provider but also fantastic partner in helping us achieve our strategic objectives. Our goal is to become 100% cloud and there are 2 partners to help us get there – Microsoft and Aryaka – we are extremely happy that the two of them are coming together in a solution that will provide a better administrative capability and ability to be agile, and ability to handle business requirements as they come up. Aryaka is a true middle-mile provider and when you combine middle-mile capabilities with the edge capabilities of Microsoft Azure, it gives you a lot of power and the way that you handle the administrative tasks. So network person is managing really just a VNET instead of an entire network. We let Aryaka to handle our entire wide-area network all the way up into Azure. This partnership between Aryaka and Microsoft is important to companies like us, because we would rather spend more of our time answering business requirements than troubleshooting networks. So we hand it off to Aryaka and we know the stability of Azure and between the two we can truly say that we can spend our time doing things that the business wants us to do. It’s really you find partners that truly make you business better, Aryaka is one of those companies. They have truly helped us become more lean, more agile, and better capable in our ability to deliver network services.